Instructors may assign an Incomplete (I) grade when a student’s work is of passing quality but is incomplete for a good cause (such as illness or other serious problem). Students are strongly advised to avoid Incomplete grades. Although Incompletes are not immediately computed in grade-point averages, they do automatically become F’s if not made up the quarter following that in which the Incomplete was received. F’s, of course, seriously damage grade-point averages, and no credit can be received for a course graded F. Taking an Incomplete grade that must be made up the following quarter causes undue pressure which can lead to additional Incompletes in subsequent quarters. Students who find it necessary to take an Incomplete due to good cause be sure to request one from the professor before the end of the quarter and make arrangements for completing the work as soon as possible. Upon completion of the work, the Graduate Counselor should be informed so that the Incomplete can be lifted and the new grade recorded in the student’s official record. A fee is charged to the student for the service by the Registrar. Teaching Assistants must remove all Incompletes accumulated through the end of the previous Winter quarter by August 31st in order to be eligible to begin their TA appointments in fall.