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Nersessian, Anahid
Assistant Professor
Humanities 242
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B.A. Yale University, 2005
Ph.D. English, University of Chicago, 2011


My research and teaching are rooted in the literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a special emphasis on the Romantic period. I am particularly invested in the study of rhetoric and form: my first book, Utopia, Limited (Harvard, 2015), finds Romantic poetry modeling minimally harmful practices of renunciation, self-containment, and adaptation in a world of finite resources, while my current project, The Calamity Form, explores tropological and figurative perspectives on ecological crisis. This second project also engages the history of literary criticism alongside the philosophy of science, from Kant to Ian Hacking. I am the editor of the Broadview Press edition of Percy Bysshe Shelley's long poem, Laon and Cythna, and managing editor of the open-access journal Environmental Humanities


Utopia, Limited: Romanticism and Adjustment (Harvard UP, 2015).

Ed., Laon and Cythna; or, the Revolution of the Golden City (Broadview, 2016).


"Form and Explanation," with Jonathan Kramnick. Critical Inquiry (forthcoming)

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"Romanticism as Method." Romantic Circles Praxis (forthcoming).

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