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Graduate – Publications – Recent Recipients



Amanda Waldo
The Ethical Consumer: Narratives of Social and Environmental Change in Contempoarary American Literature
Advisor: Allison Carruth



Jacqueline Ardam
Reading from A to Z: The Alphabetic Sequence in Experimental Literature and Visual Art
Advisor: Prof. North

Christina Richieri Griffin
Omniscience Incarnate: Being In and Of the World in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Amanda Hollander
The FabianChild: English and American Literature and Socialist Reform, 1884-1915
Advisor: Prof. Bristow

Kimberly Mack
The Fictional Black Blues Figure: Blues Music and the Art of Narrative Self-Invention 
Advisor: Prof. Yarborough

Francesca Marx
Transformation and Medieval Aristocracy: Werewolves, Lepers and the King’s Body
Advisors: Prof. Baswell, Prof. Chism

Christian Reed
Genre and Belonging in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
Advisor: Prof. Looby

Shirley Tung
A Self-Reflexive Journey: Imagining Identity in the Eighteenth-Century Travel Narrative 
Shirley Tung
Advisor: Prof. Nussbaum

Katherine Webster
Novels of the Nation: Literary Theory, Post-Revolutionary Republicanism, and the Rise of the Novel in America, 1789-1812
Advisor: Prof. Colacurcio, Prof. Looby

Daniel Williford
The Aesthetic Book of Decadent Literature, 1870-1914
Advisor: Prof. Bristow

Amy Wong
Victorian Talk: Human Media and Literary Writing in the Age of Mass Print
Advisor: Prof. Bristow



Stacie Cassarino
American Food Culture, the Language of Taste, and the Edible Image in Twentieth-Century Literature
Advisor: Prof. North

Tara Fickle
Serious Play : Race, Game, Asian American Literature
Tara Fickle
Advisors: Prof. Lee, Prof. McGurl

Aaron Gorelik
The AIDS Poets, 1985-1995: From Anti-Elegy to Lyric Queerness
Advisor: Prof. Little

Alice Henton
Spectral Evidence of an Invisible World: Gender and the Puritan Supernatural in American Fiction, 1798-1856
Advisor: Prof. Colacurcio

Katherine Isokawa
The Surprising Times of the Modernist Novel
Advisor: Prof. North

Alex Hernandez
Modernity and Affliction: The Making of British Bourgeois Tragedy
Advisor: Prof. Nussbaum

Susan Lewak
Sustainable Gardens of the Mind: Beat Ecopoetry and Prose in Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Publications
Advisor: Prof. North

Justine Pizzo
Solid Air: Victorian Atmosphere and Female Character in British Fiction 1847-1891
Advisor: Prof. Bristow, Prof. Grossman

Emily Runde
Ways of Reading and Framing Collection In Late Medieval England
Advisors: Prof. Fisher, Prof. Minkova

Sara Torres
Marvelous Generations: Lancastrian Geneologies and Translation Late Medieval England and Iberia”
Advisors: Prof. Fisher, Prof. Minkova

Fuson Wang
The Immune Response: Romanticism and the Radical Literary History of Smallpox Inoculation”, Fuson Wang,
Advisors: Prof. Mellor, Prof. Makdisi

Katherine Webster
Novels of the Nation: Literary Theory, Post-Revolutionary Republicanism, and the Rise of the Novel in America, 1789-1812
Advisors: Prof. Colacurcio, Prof. Rowe



Katherine Bergren
After Wordsworth:  Global Revisions of the English Poet
Advisor: Prof. Makdisi

Anthony Camara
Dark Matter: British Weird Fiction and the Substance of Horror, 1880-1927
Advisor: Prof. Bristow

Donal Harris
On Company Time: American Modernism and the Big Magazines
Advisors: Prof. McGurl, Prof. North

Allison Johnson
The Scars We Carve: Disruptive Bodies in Civil War Literature
Advisor: Prof. Colacurcio

Kevin Moore
The Myth of Writer’s Block: Imagining American Moral Realism
Advisor: Prof. Sundquist

Ian Newman
Tavern Talk: Literature, Politics & Conviviality
Advisor: Prof. Makdisi

Elizabeth Raisanen
Literary Gestations: Giving Birth to Writing, 1720-1831
Advisor: Prof. Mellor



Vivian Davis
Mongrel Forms: Tragedy, Comedy, and Mixed Genres in Britian, 1680-1760

Advisor: Prof. Nussbaum

Lana Finley
Occult Americans: Invisible Culture and the Literary Imagination
Advisor: Prof. Looby

Dustin Friedman
Erotic Negativity and Victorian Aestheticism, 1864-1896
Advisor: Prof. Bristow

Valerie Popp
The Art of the Modernist Body
Advisor: Prof. North

James Pulizzi
Literature, Technical Media, and Cognition in the Twentieth Century
Advisors: Prof. Hayles, Prof. Reinhard

Josephine Richstad
Fashionable Form: The Narrative Strategies of Silver-Fork Fiction, 1824-1848
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Maureen Shay
Perpetual Refugee and the Unmaking of the Global World: The Migrant Narrative Beyond Postcolonialism
Advisor: Prof. Sharpe

David Shepard
Parsing Fiction: Humanistic Computing and the Postmodern Novel
Advisor: Prof. Hayles

Jennifer Smith
Reginald Pecock and Vernacular Pedagogy in Pre-Reformation England
Advisor: Prof. Kelly, 2012