When students pass the second qualifying examination, they advance to candidacy and receive the Candidate in Philosophy (C.Phil.) degree. Students proceed with preparing the dissertation and enroll each quarter in English 599 to reflect this ongoing research and writing. Students are encouraged to enroll in seminars in their field whenever they are offered. All course requirements (oral reports and term papers) may be satisfied through work connected with the dissertation.

A final oral defense of the dissertation is optional, at the discretion of the doctoral committee, but is usually not required.  Final approval of the dissertation is normally delegated to three certifying members of the doctoral committee (two from the English Department, and one from another department).


Three quarters are normally allowed from the First Qualifying Examination to the Second Qualifying Examination.  From the Second Qualifying Examination to the completion of the dissertation (and the degree), the time normally allowed is six quarters.  From the time of admission, students will ideally be able to complete doctoral studies within fifteen academic quarters (five years).



Part I Orals

Fall Quarter of 3rd Year

Spring Quarter of 3rd Year

End of 4th Year

Part II Orals

Spring Quarter of 3rd Year

Winter Quarter of 4th Year

End of 5th Year

Dissertation Filed

In the 5th Year

In the 6th Year

In the 9th Year

*The Maximum means the maximum allowed by the department under normal circumstances.  Students may petition for extensions needed because of unforeseen circumstances (such as ill health, family catastrophes, financial distress), but these petitions must be documented, and extensions will be granted for limited periods.