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Distinguished Professor Joseph Bristow publishes new edited volume

Congratulations to Distinguished Professor Joseph Bristow on the publication of his new edited volume, Oscar Wilde and the Cultures of Childhood (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).  This is the first collection of critical essays that explores Oscar Wilde’s interest in children’s culture, whether in relation to his famous fairy stories, his life as a caring father to two small boys, his place as a defender of children’s rights within the prison system, his fascination with youthful beauty, and his theological contemplation of what it means to be a child in the eyes of God.  The collection also examines the ways in which Wilde’s works―not just his fairy stories―have been adapted for young audiences.
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Allison Carruth receives $3 million grant through the National Science Foundation’s Research Traineeship Program

Allison Carruth is part of a faculty group that was awarded a five-year $3 million grant awarded to UCLA by the National Science Foundation’s Research Traineeship, or NRT program, to fund innovation in the training of graduate students researching the nexus of food, water and energy challenges that confront the world’s growing urban centers and exploring how urban communities might thrive in the context of global climate change.
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