*Required Readings


*Allen, Paula Gunn.  Spider Woman’s Granddaughters

*Astrov, Margret.  The Winged Serpant

*Nabakov, Peter.  Native American Testimony

*Niatum, Duane.  Harper’s Anthology of Twentieth Century American Indian Literature


*Allen, Paula Gunn.  Skins and Bones

*Harjo, Joy.  She Had Some Horses

*Hogan, Linda.  Book of Medicines

*Ortiz, Simon.  A Good Journey

*Tapahonso, Lucy.  A Breeze Swept Through

*Welch, James.  Riding the Earthboy 40

*Whiteman, Roberta.  Star Quilt


Histories, Autobiographies and Nonfiction

*Erodes, Richard & John Fire.  Lame Deer Seeker of Lvisions: The Life of a Sioux Medicine Man

*Laurie, Nancy O.  Mountain Wolf Woman, Sister of Crashing Thunder: The Autobiography of a Wennebago

*Momaday, N. Scott.  The Way to Rainy Mountain

*Neihardt, John.  Black Elk Speaks (A told to)

*Posey, Alexander.  The Fus Fixico Letters

*Sarris, Greg.  Mabel Mc Kay: Weaving the Dream

*Talayesva, Don.  Sun Chielf”: The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian

*Zitkala-Sa.  American Indian Stories



*Alexie, Sherman.  The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

*Campbell, Maria.  Half-Breed

*Eldrich, Louise.  Love Medicine

*Hogan, Linda.  Mean Spirit

*Momaday, N. Scot.  House Made of Dawn

*Mourning Dove.  Co ge-we-a

*Powers, Susan.  The Grass Dancer

*Sarris, Greg.  Grand Avenue

*Silko, Leslie.  Ceremony

*Vizenor, Gerald.  Darkness in St. Louis Bearheart

*Welch, James.  Winter in the Blood



*Geigohamah, Hanay.  New Native American Drama: Three Plays

For Further Reading



Allen, Paula Gunn.  Voice of the Turtle

Bierhorst, John.  Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature

Brant, Beth.  A Gathering of Spirit

Bruchac, Joseph.  Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers’ Festival, Songs from this Earth on Turtle’s Back

Cronyn, George.  American Indian Poetry

Day, A. Grove.  The Sky Clears

Erdoes, Richard & Alfronso Ortiz.  American Indian Myths and Legends

Evers, Larry.  Yaqui Deer Songs, The South Corner of Time

Green, Rayna.  That’s What She Said

Hobson, Geary.  The Remembered Earth

King, Thomas.  All My Relations

Leslie, Craig.  Talking Leaves

Norman, Howard.  The Wishing Bone Cycle

Ortiz, Simon.  Earth Power Coming

Peyer, Bernd.  The Singing Spirit

Radin, Paul.  Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology

Ramsey, Jarold.  Coyote Was Going There

Rosen, Kenneth.  The Man to Send Rain Clouds

Sarris, Greg.  Rattles and Clappers:  An Anthology of California Indian Writing

Trafzer, Clifford.  Earth Song, Sky Spirit: Short Stories of the Contemporary Native American Experience

Vielie, Alan.  American Indian Literature

Walters, Anna L.  Neon Powwow


Alexie, Sherman.  Old Shirts and New Skins

Allen, Paula Gunn.  Shadow Country

Arnett, Carroll.  Earlier, Rounds, Tsalagi

Bruchac, Joseph.  Translator’s Son, Tracking

Conley, Robert.  The Rattlesnake Band, Twenty-one Poems

Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth.  Then Badger Said This, Seek the House of Relatives

Dunsmore, Roger.  The Sharp-Skinned Hawk

Francisco, Nia.  Blue Horses for Navajo Women

Glancy, Diane.  A li sgo li do di: Offering

Harjo, Joy.  In Mad Love and War, What Moon Drove Me to This?

Henson, Lance.  In a Dark Mist

Hobson, Geary.  Deer Hunting

Jumper, Moses.  Echoes in the Wind

Kenny, Maurice.  Between Two Rivers, Chasers of the Sun, The Horned Snake, Caught in a Willow Net

Naranjo-Morse, Nora.  Mud Woman

Niatum, Duane.  Ascending Red Cedar Moon

Ortiz, Simon     From Sand Creek

Revard, Carte.  Ponca War Dancers

Rose, Wendy.  The Half-Breed Chronicles

Sanchez, Carol.  Message Bringer Woman

Starr, Jean.  Tales from the Cherokee Hills

TallMountain, Mary.  The Light on the Tent Wall:  A Bridging

Tapahonso, Lucy.  Saanii Dahataal:  The Women Are Singing

Young Bear, Ray.  Black Eagle Child, The Facepaint Narratives, The Invisible Musican


Histories, Autobiographies, and Nonfiction

Bass, Althea.  The Arapaho Way (A told to)

Bird, Mary Brave & Richard Erdoes.  Heyoka Woman

Copway, George.  The Life, History, and Travels of Kahgegagahbowh

DeMallie, Raymond, ed.  The Sixth Grandfather:  Black Elk’s Teachings Given to John G. Neihardt

Eastman, Charles.  From the Deep Woods to Civilization, Indian Boyhood

Erdoes, Richard & Mary Crow Dog.  Lakota Woman

Kilpatrick, Jack.  Run Toward the Nightland (medicine)

LaFlesche, Francis.  The Middle Five, The Omaha Tribe

Laurie, Nancy O. Sister of Crashing Thunder: The Autobiography of a Wennebago

Mankiller, Wilma & Michael Wallis.  Mankiller:  A Chief and Her People

Matthews, John J.  The Osages, Talking to the Moon

Momaday, N. Scott.  The Names

Occum, Samson.  A Sermon Preached at the Execution of Moses Paul

O’Connell, Barry, ed.  On Our Own Ground:  The Complete Writings of William Apess, a Pequot

Rogers, Will.  Rogers-isms:  The Cowboy Philosopher on the Peace Conference, Rogers-isms:  The Cowboy Philosopher on Prohibition, Letters to a Self-Made Diplomat to His President

Shipek, Florence.  Delfina Cuero:  Her Autobiography, an Account of Her Last Years and Her Ethnobotanic Contributions (A told to)

Standing Bear.  Land of the Spotted Eagle, My People the Sioux

Viola, Herman.  Ben Nighthorse Campbell:  An American Warrior

Vizenor, Gerald.  The People Named Chippewa

Winnemucca, Sarah.  Life Among the Piutes


Allen, Paula Gunn.  The Woman Who Owned the Shadows

Bedford, Denton.  Tsalie

Carter, Forrest.  The Education of Little Tree, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Watch for Me on the Mountain

Conley, Robert.  The Witch of Goingsnake

Copway, George.  The Life, History, and Travels of Kahgegagahbowh

Culleton, Beatrice.  In Search of April Raintree

Deloria, Ella.  Waterlily

Dorris, Michael.  A Yellow Raft on Blue Water

Eastman, Charles.  Old Indian Days

Erdrich, Louise.  The Beet Queen, The Bingo Palace, Tracks

Johnson, Pauline.  The Moccasin Maker

McNickle, D’Arcy.  The Surrounded, Wind from an Enemy Sky

Mathews, John J.  Wah-ton-kah, Sundown

Momaday, N. Scott.  The Ancient Child

Ortiz, Simon.  Howbah Indians

Oskison, John.  Brothers Three, Wild Harvest

Owen, Louis.  Bone Game, The Sharpest Sight

Ridge, John.  The Life and Adventures of Joaquine Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit

Sears, Vicky.  Simple Songs

Silko, Leslie.  Almanac of the Dead, Storyteller

Vizenor, Gerald.  Dead Voices

Welch, James.  The Death of Jim Loney, Fools Crow, The Indian Lawyer

Secondary Works

Allen, Paula Gunn.  The Sacred Hoop, Studies in American Indian Literature

Bataille, Gretchen.  American Indian Women Telling Their Lives

Berkhoffer, Robert.  The White Man’s Indian

Brown, Joseph.  The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian

Brumble, David.  American Indian Autobiography

Castro, Michael.  Interpreting the Indian

Coltelli, Laura.  Winged Words:  American Indian Writers Speak

Dooing, D.M., ed.  I Become Part of It:  Sacred Dimensions in Native American Life

Eastman, Charles.  Old Indian Days

Farella, John.  The Main Stalk:  A Synthesis of Navajo Philosophy

Harrod, Howard.  Renewing the World:  Plains Indian Religion and Morality

Hymes, Dell.  In Vain I Tried to Tell You

Kroeber, Karl.  Traditional Literatures of the American Indian

Krupat, Arnold.  Ethnocriticism, For Those Who Come After, The Voice in the Margin

Lincoln, Kenneth.  Native American Renaissance, Indi’n Humor:  Bicultural Play in Native American

Littlefield, Dan.  A Biobibliography of Native American Writers

Murray, David.  Forked Tongues

Owens, Louis.  Other Destinies:  Understanding the American Indian Novel

Ruoff, Lavonne.  American Indian Literatures, Redefining American Literary History

Sarris, Greg.  Keeping Slug Woman Alive:  A Holistic Approach to American Indian Texts

Sherzer, Joel.  Native American Discourse

Swann, Brian.  Smoothing the Ground

Swann, Brian & Arnold Krupat, eds.  Native American Literature

Tedlock, Dennis.  The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation

Velie, Alan.  Four American Indian Literary Masters

Vizenor, Gerald.  Narrative Chance

Wiget, Andrew.  Critical Essays on Native American Literature

Wong, Hertha.  Sending My Heart Back Across the Years:  Tradition and Innovation in American Indian Autobiography


January, 1998