Primary Texts

The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records:

Aelfric, Catholic Homilies

Aelfric, Lives of the Saints

Alfred the Great:  translation of Augustine's Soliloquies, translation of Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica, translation of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy, translation of Gregory's Pastoral Care, translation of Orosius' History

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Appollonius of Tyre

The Blickling Homilies

Gospel of Nicodemus

Letter of Alexander to Aristotle


Vercelli Homilies

Wulfstan Homilies

Secondary Texts

Adams, Eleanor N., Old English Scholarship in England from 1566-1800

Amos, Ashley C., Linguistic Means of Determining the Dates of Old English Literary Texts

Anderson, E., Cynewulf:  Structure, Style and Theme in His Poetry

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Bartlett, Adeline C., The Larger Rhetorical Patterns in Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Bately, Janet M., The Literary Prose of King Alfred's Reign:  Translation or Transformation?

Bjork, Robert E., The Old English Verse Saints' Lives:  A Study in Direct Discourse and the Iconography of Style

Bonjour, Adrien, The Digressions in Beowulf

Bonjour, Adrien, Twelve Beowulf Papers:  1940-1960, with Additional Comments

Bridges, Margaret, Generic Contrast in Old English Hagiographical Poetry

Brodeur, Arthur G., The Art of Beowulf

Burlin, Robert B., The Old English Advent:  A Typological Commentary

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Calder, Daniel G., ed.  Old English Poetry:  Essays on Style

Calder, Daniel G., Cynewulf

Calder, Daniel G. and M.J.B. Allen, trans.  Sources and Analogues of Old English Poetry:  The Major Latin Sources in Translation

Calder, Daniel G., et al., trans.  Sources and Analogues of Old English Poetry II:  The Major Germanic and Celtic Texts in Translation

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Elliott, R.W.V., Runes:  An Introduction

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Greenfield, Stanley B., The Interpretation of Old English Poems

Greenfield, Stanley B. and Daniel G. Calder, A New Critical History of Old English Literature

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January, 1992