Dickens Seminar
English 480-017					Professor Grossman
Fall 2000, TR 11:00-12:15			Office Hours: TR 1:45-2:45 
Gore 317					Office: 315 Memorial

Dickens Seminar

REQUIRED TEXTS Primary Texts Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist (1838) Penguin, ISBN0140430172 Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (1843) Penguin, ISBN0140071202 Elizabeth Gaskell, ed. Dickens, "Cranford" (1851-3) course reserve/handout Charles Dickens, Bleak House (1852-3) Oxford, ISBN0192834010 Wilkie Collins and Dickens, "The Frozen Deep" (1857) course reserve/handout Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities (1859) Oxford, ISBN0192833901 Charles Dickens, "Hunted Down" (1859) course reserve/handout Charles Dickens, "The Signalman" (1862) course reserve/handout Charles Dickens, "Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn" (1869) course reserve/handout Charles Dickens, "Sikes and Nancy" (1869) course reserve/handout Critical Readings M.M. Bakhtin, excerpt from "Discourse in the Novel" course reserve/handout Michel Foucault, excerpt from Discipline and Punish course reserve/handout D.A. Miller, "Discipline in Different Voices" course reserve/handout We will use the editions of the novels that are listed above. All other class materials are available on reserve in the library, and in many cases copies will be distributed in class. REQUIREMENTS Two 6-page close-reading papers, due September 28 and October 31 One 10-page research paper, due Friday, December 8 One class presentation (pass/fail) In addition: SCHEDULE 8/29 Introduction: Dickens 8/31 Oliver Twist 9/5 Oliver Twist 9/7 Oliver Twist 9/12 Oliver Twist, Bakhtin reading 9/14 [no class] 9/19 Oliver Twist 9/21 Oliver Twist 9/26 A Christmas Carol 9/28 Gaskell, "Cranford" Paper #1 due 10/3 Bleak House 10/5 Bleak House 10/10 Bleak House 10/12 Bleak House 10/17 Bleak House, Miller and Foucault readings 10/19 Bleak House 10/24 Bleak House 10/26 "Hunted Down," "The Signalman" 10/31 Collins and Dickens, "The Frozen Deep" Paper #2 due 11/2 A Tale of Two Cities 11/7 [Election Day] 11/9 A Tale of Two Cities 11/14 A Tale of Two Cities 11/16 A Tale of Two Cities 11/21 A Tale of Two Cities Meeting to propose research paper topic 11/23 [Thanksgiving recess] 11/28 "Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn," "Sikes and Nancy" 11/30 "Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn," "Sikes and Nancy" 12/5 Conclusion Final research paper due Friday, 12/8