Victorian Fiction-Presentations

Sign-up for a day to present below.  You may present on anything relevant
to the text or the class; intellectual creativity is encouraged.  No
subject, handled well, is off limits, including, for instance, comparisons
to current events or films.  However, you are expected to focus your
presentation very specifically.  For instance, in 5 to 10 minute, you
might analyze one brief passage in the novel or explain the relevance of
an important historical detail.

Check out the sort of reports that went on in an Introduction to the Novel class for ideas.


9/7	Rosemary K., the Newgate novel     

9/14    [no class]

9/19    Adam M, Manchester

9/26    Marie W., railroads; Kristen & Susan, gender
9/28    Kim, Who was George Eliot?


10/10   Bryan, Paige, Nicole, Victorian Age of Doubt

10/17	David Z, Who was Wilkie Collins?   
10/19  Liz M., Sensation novels, 
10/24	Michelle S., The trials of WiW

10/31   Tom H, Victorian Sex lives; Nikki, Victorians and drugs
11/2    Valerie & Jaime M., Madness and women

11/7    [Election Day]
11/9    Adrian, the stage version of Woman in White/Victorian theater
11/14   Katie Shaw & Vivien, Who was Thomas Hardy?
	Christina & Jason, the fallen woman

11/16   Tristan, Irony

11/21	Sean, Modes of production of Victorian novels;
	Jordan, The censorship of Tess
	Michelle & Carrie, the creeping beginnings of Modernism

11/23   [Thanksgiving recess]

11/28   Jason & Jennifer, Darwin.  Jesse, Hardy & Darwin.
11/30   Meg, peripatetic Tess; Elisa, The New Woman; Jarrod, women's
	education; Ian H., On Jack Dollop