Reports English 206-080 Professor Grossman

In-class Presentations, British Literature II

Below are a number of possible topics (along with possible dates) for our brief reports. You may well not know a thing about the topic you choose; that is the point: to find out about a subject and present it in an entertaining and intelligent manner to the rest of us. We will generate some other topics in class, which may be substituted for, or added to, those below. You may also come up with your own idea. If you have a particular interest that you would like to pursue and share, please do so! The important thing--whatever you do--is that your presentation be creative and thoughtful.

2/11-2/14	What is the Romantic Period?
		Who is William Blake?	
		What was the French Revolution?		Laura V.
2/16-2/18	Who is William Wordsworth? 		Kellye C.
		What is poetry?			

2/21-2/28	Who is Samuel Taylor Coleridge?
		What is Gothic?

3/1		Isn't it ironic?		Nick C.
3/13		What is an epiphany?		Marin G.
3/17		Who is Percy Bysshe Shelley?
3/20		Who is John Keats? 		

3/22		What is the Victorian period?	Meghan S.	
		Who is Emily Bronte?		Melissa H.	

4/12 		Who is Alfred Tennyson? 	Carrie W.	
4/12		What is a poet laureate?	Clarke S.	

4/14		What is the Lady of Shalott?	Christina T.	

4/17		Who is Elizabeth Browning?	Jenny C.	

4/19		Who is Robert Browning?		Steve R.

4/21		Who is Christina Rossetti?		Stacey C.
4/21		What is the Pre-Raphaelites brotherhood? Mike C

4/24		What happened in WWI?			Diccon H.
		Who is Thomas Hardy?			David Z.

4/26		Who are Owen & Sassoon?			Michael B.

5/1-5/10	What is Modernism?	
		Who is Virginia Woolf?			Laura G
		What is stream of consciousness?	
		Bloomsbury?				Jill R.

5/15		Who is T.S. Eliot?			Katie N.
		What is Modernist poetry?
		T.S. Eliot & antisemitism		Jason W.

5/19		Timeline		

Presentations guidelines
Presentations should be at least ten minutes, but don't be longer than you need to be. Presentations are graded pass/fail, until final grading when a few outstanding presentations will contribute to an improved final grade.