Presentations--Pickwick Seminar

Our class is open to all kinds of relevant presentations. See the weekly topics for ideas. You can talk to me or your peers if you are stumped for ideas. But first think about what you would like to hear about yourself and chances are that you should report on that. Your job is to teach us something interesting!

Presentations need not correspond to general weekly topics. If you have an idea for a presentation, email me your idea & I will find themost appropriate week. More than two people can sign up for a week!

II. Serialization


III. Literary Form, or Where's the plot?

2/28	Wine, or the literary form of alcohol, Christi M.

IV. Political Historical Context-The 1830s

3/5	Fashion in Pickwick, Liz M.
3/7	1832 Reform Bill, Roshni

V. The Pictures: From Seymour to Phiz

3/12	[papers due]
3/14	Jason W., textual editions: the pictures
VI. Illustrations & Christmas Number

3/19	Jen on the illustrators & illustrations, Kristen on technique
3/21	Meredith on Dickens & Christmas, 	
	Ice Skating & Dickens, Brooke G.

VII. Contemporary Reactions, Contemporary Texts

3/26	Kristen on illustration technique;
	Archetypes & Structure by Megan H.

VIII. Class & Capitalism

4/9 	From Fogg to Fleet: Legal Dickens, Adam
4/11 	Economic class, Danny S., Angel on Wellerisms

4/16	Religion & Stiggins, Cassie	
4/18	Class issues in Pickwick, Danny	
4/23	Gender I: Susan P., Sedgwick 					
4/25	Gender II: Megan M. on Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford

4/30	Food & eating, the body returns: Hiawatha, Health issues, Dave O.