Victorian Fiction-Presentations

Sign-up for a day to present below.  You may present on anything relevant
to the text or the class; intellectual creativity is encouraged.  No
subject, handled well, is off limits, including, for instance, comparisons
to current events or films.  However, you are expected to focus your
presentation very specifically.  For instance, in 5 to 10 minute, you
might analyze one brief passage in the novel or explain the relevance of
an important historical detail.

Check out the sort of reports that went on in Introduction to the Novel for ideas.

2/17	Dickens		
2/19	Dickens		

2/22	Dickens		Jay H.
2/24	Dickens		Zoe G.
2/26	Dickens		

3/1	Elizabeth Gaskell, 	
	Mary Barton 
3/3	Gaskell 		
3/5	Gaskell		Sunny Anderson

3/8	Gaskell		Karen H; Jennifer Towers
3/10	Gaskell		
3/12	Gaskell		

3/15	Gaskell		
3/17	George Eliot,	Roshni Kasad 	
	Adam Bede 		
3/19	Eliot		Arline Wilson		

3/22	Eliot		Patricia Madron
3/24	Eliot		
3/26	Eliot

4/7 	Eliot		Jill Walsh
4/7	Eliot		Jen Belser
4/9	Wilkie Collins, 	
	The Moonstone	

4/12	Collins		Amanda Hartung, Jerisha Parker
4/14	Collins		Stacey Streett

4/19	Collins		Audrey C.
4/21	Collins		Judith Lutz
4/23	Collins		Ben S.
4/23	Collins		Jay F.

4/26	Collins		
4/28	Thomas Hardy, 
	Tess of the D'Urbervilles
4/30	Hardy		

5/3	Hardy		
5/5	Hardy		Beth (Darwin)
5/7	Hardy		Sean (reception controversy)

5/10	Hardy		Jennifer Rowe / Jessica ("New Woman"); 
5/12	Hardy		
5/14 	Hardy 		Amanda M. [fin de siecle]/Christine [Modernism?]

5/12 or 17 Hardy		Brian [film version of Tess]
[Unaccounted for: Keith, Liz]