Victorian Novel
English 338-010                                 Professor Grossman
Spring 2002, TR 12:30-1:45                      Office Hours: TR 1:45-2:45 
Memorial 122                                    Office: 315 Memorial

Victorian Fiction

Required Texts

Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist (1838)Penguin, ISBN0140430172
Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South (1854-5) Oxford, ISBN0192831941
George Eliot, Silas Marner (1861) Oxford, ISBN0192834584
Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White (1860) Oxford, ISBN0192834290
Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure (1891) Broadview, ISBN1551111713

We will use the specific editions of the novels that are listed above. Books may be ordered using the ISBN number, which uniquely identifies the edition. You should read each novel's endnotes and other editorial matter, including appendices. There may be occasional outside readings assigned in class.


Two 6-page close-reading papers, due Thursday, March 14 and Thursday, April 18 One final 8-page paper,due Tuesday, May 14 One class presentation (pass/fail) In addition:

2/5 Introduction: The Victorian Novel, 1837-1901
2/7 Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist
2/12 Dickens
2/14 Dickens
2/19 Dickens
2/21 Dickens
2/26 Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South
2/28 Gaskell 3/5 [no class: optional Dickens & Jewish Studies lecture, Purnell 329]
3/7 Gaskell
3/12 Gaskell
3/14 Gaskell Paper #1 due
3/19 George Eliot, Silas Marner
3/21 Eliot 3/26 Eliot 3/28 No class, Passover [Begin Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White] 4/2 Spring Recess 4/4 Spring Recess 4/9 Collins 4/11 Collins 4/16 Collins 4/18 Collins Paper #2 due 4/23 Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure 4/25 Hardy 4/30 Hardy 5/2 Hardy 5/7 Hardy 5/9 Hardy 5/14 Conclusion Final paper due