Lincoln, Kenneth R.

Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D. 1970, Indiana University. American and Native American Studies.

Additional Information

Kenneth Lincoln was born in Texas and grew up in northwest Nebraska, where his great-grandparents homesteaded along the North Platte River and ranching sandhills. He graduated from public high school in Alliance, Nebraska, a cattle and farming town south of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation. Lincoln was adopted into the Oglala Sioux by the Mark Monroe family and given the Lakota name, Mato Yanmi. He went to Stanford University for an A.B. in American Literature, to Indiana University for a Ph.D. in British Literature, and to UCLA in 1969, where he has taught Contemporary and Native American Literatures for over twenty-five years. Professor Lincoln has developed the American Indian Studies curriculum, chaired the country’s first interdisciplinary Master’s Program in American Indian Studies, and published widely in the field–Native American Renaissance (University of California Press 1983), The Good Red Road: Passages into Native America (Harper & Row 1987), UCLA Native American Poetry Series (nine titles, 1975-1993), Indi’n Humor: Bicultural Play in Native America (Oxford University Press 1993), Men Down West (Capra Press, 1997), a collection of essays on growing up along the frontier. Lincoln has completed a novel on mixed-bloods in Los Angeles, City of Indians, a linked sonnet sequence, Orpheus Afoot, and a new study of American and Native American poetries, Native Poetics. He and his daughter Rachel are collaborating on a narrative of single-parenting, Father to Daughter.

Interest Areas
• Native American and Indigenous Studies
• American Literature & Culture