Undergraduate ProgramsProfessional Writing Minor

Fall 2021 Courses

Fall 2021- Professional Writing Core Courses

Professional Writing: Digital Writing and Web Literacy

English Composition 130A / Prof. Samuelson

Emphasis on writing for digital environments such as websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media. Common professional settings for these skills include journalism, political campaigns, Internet marketing, and corporate communication.

Professional Writing: Science and Technology

English Composition 130C / Prof. Rubinson

Emphasis on communicating complex technical concepts and scientific research findings in clear and accessible way to non-specialist audiences.

Fall 2021- Professional Writing Electives in English or English Composition

Specialized Writing: Law and Politics

English Composition 131A / Prof. Sussman

This course will increase students’ capacity to think analytically and write compelling legal documents. It will emphasize students’ capacity to read legal texts, organize ideas, create and refine prose, and improve editing skills to write (and argue) persuasively in a legal context. Writing genres may include law office memos, case studies, contracts, appellate briefs, advocacy letters, and pleadings.

Writing in the English Major: Analytical Writing

English 110A.1 / Prof. Stephan

In this course, designed specifically for English majors but now open to students from all majors for the first time, you will learn to build on your skills and abilities as a writer of literary and cultural analyses. You’ll find ways to ask richer literary questions, develop more nuanced analyses of complex texts, and shape your own voice as a writer. We’ll focus on literary arguments and begin with this basic question: what constitutes a good, rich, complex question in literary analysis? What makes a substantial topic that might lead to a top-notch persuasive argument? Because good writing (and thus good argumentation) is also a process, we will practice creation, revision, contemplation, and editing, as well as seeking and giving feedback. Throughout the course, we will workshop writing exercises with the goal of making ourselves and others more comfortable and more successful as writers of good academic prose.

Writing in the English Major: Analytical Writing

English 110A.2 / Prof. Bistline

In this writing-intensive course, you will build on and hone your skills as a writer of sophisticated literary and cultural analyses. This class will focus on demystifying the process of creating compelling, complex arguments about literary texts. You will learn how to ask richer literary questions, make more nuanced arguments, and develop your voice as an academic writer. We will investigate what constitutes a good, rich literary analysis by exploring questions central to the writing process: What topics lead to top-notch, persuasive arguments? How do successful essays creatively attend to and expand on the conventions of the traditional literary analysis? What strategies do effective writers use as they draft and revise their essays? This class emphasizes that writing well and arguing persuasively depend on a process of creative thinking, drafting, and revising, as well as seeking and giving feedback. This class will foster a supportive classroom community in which we regularly discuss and workshop writing exercises. We will aim to make you more comfortable with the conventions of advanced literary analysis, more skillful and effective in your writing process, and more empowered to use your voice to make successful arguments.

Careers in Humanities

English M191P / Prof. Macfadyen

Challenges misassumptions regarding humanities majors and their practical applications to life after graduation. Exploration of wide range of careers, with hands-on practice in crafting professional narrative. Guest lectures from UCLA professionals and alumni—all experts in career planning and local industry. Students engage with workplace leaders, and simultaneously build professional dossier—on paper or online—in preparation for life after UCLA with a humanities degree.


Fall 2021- Professional Writing Extra-departmental Electives

Please consult the master list of eligible extra-departmental electives here, then refer to the UCLA Schedule of Classes for Spring 2021 availability.