Undergraduate ProgramsProfessional Writing Minor

Fall 2022 Courses

Fall 2022- Professional Writing Core Courses

Professional Writing: Digital Writing and Web Literacy

English Composition 130A / Prof. Samuelson

Emphasis on writing for digital environments such as websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media. Common professional settings for these skills include journalism, political campaigns, Internet marketing, and corporate communication.

Professional Writing: Science and Technology

English Composition 130C / Prof. Rubinson

Emphasis on communicating complex technical concepts and scientific research findings in clear and accessible way to non-specialist audiences.


Fall 2022- Professional Writing Electives in English or English Composition

Specialized Writing: Law and Politics–Legal Writing and Reasoning

English Composition 131A / Prof. Sussman

Students learn to think like lawyers, and write advocacy letters and case briefs.  In particular, we examine the ways the nature of advocacy has changed in the last five or six years, insofar as facts don’t change anyone’s mind anymore and cannot be relied upon to sustain a claim.  The course also provides an introduction to the foundational concept of stare decisis, on which the stability of our democracy depends, and the reach and solidity of the 14th Amendment’s due process clause.  Additionally, the course provides an overview of contract, criminal, and torts law so as to provide students with a brief introduction to the subject included in the first year of law school. The course emphasizes close reading, logical thinking, cogent analysis, and clear, exact language.  The course does not assume that students know any substantive law or legal procedure.  In fact, the course assumes you do not.  The course offers pre-law students and others interested in rhetoric and writing an opportunity to develop skills in expository and argumentative writing.  Students will often collaborate with other students to produce case briefs or make presentations.  The course will also incorporate, to the extent possible, current developments in the law.  We usually analyze  S.Ct. decisions that are issued during the quarter, which have in the past concerned developments in public health, abortion, affirmative action, environmental, and disability law.


The general emphasis of the course is on exposing students to legal documents, primarily case law.  However, we also read law reviews and law school textbooks.  The ultimate goal is to show students how to refine their critical thinking and writing skills to meet the specific demands of the legal profession.  We also learn about the various relationships that lawyers cultivate (e.g. client relationships) and demystify the nature of legal decision making (e.g. bad law & fallible judges).  Lastly, we learn the ways in which social policies often drive legal outcomes.

Writing in the English Major: Analytical Writing

English 110A / Prof. Stephan

In this course, designed specifically for English majors but now open to students from all majors for the first time, you will learn to build on your skills and abilities as a writer of literary and cultural analyses. You’ll find ways to ask richer literary questions, develop more nuanced analyses of complex texts, and shape your own voice as a writer. We’ll focus on literary arguments and begin with this basic question: what constitutes a good, rich, complex question in literary analysis? What makes a substantial topic that might lead to a top-notch persuasive argument? Because good writing (and thus good argumentation) is also a process, we will practice creation, revision, contemplation, and editing, as well as seeking and giving feedback. Throughout the course, we will workshop writing exercises with the goal of making ourselves and others more comfortable and more successful as writers of good academic prose.


Not open for credit for students with credit for English 110T.


Fall 2022- Professional Writing Extra-departmental Electives

Please consult the reference list of eligible extra-departmental electives here, then refer to the UCLA Schedule of Classes for Fall 2022 availability.


Fall 2022- Professional Writing Capstone

Students planning to satisfy their capstone requirement with internship credit should click here to learn more about eligibility and enrollment processes for English 195CE.

Students planning to satisfy their capstone requirement with a classroom-based course should plan to take EngComp M185 in Spring 2023.