Undergraduate ProgramsProfessional Writing Minor

Summer 2021 Courses

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Summer Session A (6/21-7/30)


Professional Writing Core Courses
English Composition 130A – Professional Writing: Digital Writing and Web Literacy
Emphasis on writing for digital environments such as websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media. Common professional settings for these skills include journalism, political campaigns, Internet marketing, and corporate communication.
English Composition 130D – Professional Writing: Nonprofits and Public Engagement
Development of the ability to write persuasively and effectively in the nonprofit and public sectors. Writing genres include mission and vision statements, grant proposals, public service announcements, and outreach campaigns.
Professional Writing Electives in English or English Composition
English M138.3 – Non-Fiction Essay in Journalism (Topics in Creative Writing)
Students learn how to write magazine-quality creative nonfiction essays. Emphasis on narrative structure, news value, voice, and social value. Final project is 12-page essay at level of past final essays, which have won awards and scholarships.


Summer Session C (8/2-9/10)


Professional Writing Electives in English or English Composition
English M138.1 – Experimental Life Writing (Topics in Creative Writing)
Workshop approach to reading and creation of texts that reconceive life writing in collective and more-than-human terms, through use of formal and theoretical experimentation. Texts considered include works by ASCO, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Maurice Blanchot, CAConrad, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Hervé Guibert, Bhanu Kapil, and Claudia Rankine. Participants complete series of writing experiments and workshop two of works produced.