SupportCounseling Office

UG Support Counseling Office

Kaplan 158/160
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM

Drop-in counseling. No appointment necessary. Please bring a recent copy of your Degree Progress Report with you.

Janel Munguia
Undergraduate Counselor

Stephanie Bundy
Undergraduate Counselor


Please visit the Undergraduate Counseling Office to:

  • Declare a major in English or American Literature and Culture
  • Declare the English minor
  • Learn about the major programs
  • Learn about special programs, including English Departmental Honors, the Undergraduate English Association, and the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society
  • Talk to a counselor about program planning and course selection
  • Petition for credit or exemption from a major requirement
  • Discuss Study Abroad and how it may apply to your major
  • Submit English 195/197/199 contract course forms for processing
  • Consult about problems with a particular English course or professor
  • Change majors from English to American Literature and Culture or vice versa, or change concentrations within the English major
  • Get assistance with College petitions, including Late/Retroactive Add, Restricted Late Drop, Red Drop, Change Grading Detail, and Withdrawal
  • Receive information on declaring candidacy and non-attendance

If you are a returning student needing a manual degree check, are unable to come to drop-in counseling hours, or are traveling from out of town, please call the counseling office at (310) 825-1389 to make an appointment.

For questions regarding your General Education requirements or University requirements, please go to your counseling unit:

• College of Letters and Science counseling located in A-316 Murphy
• Honors Programs located in A-311 Murphy
• AAP counseling located in Campbell Hall