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Creative Writing FAQs

Q: What types of creative writing workshops does the department offer?

A: English 20W is an introductory creative writing workshop that fulfills the Writing II requirement. English 136A is an intermediate upper-division poetry workshop; English 136B is an advanced upper-division poetry workshop. English 137A is an intermediate upper-division prose or short fiction workshop; English 137B is an advanced upper-division prose or short fiction workshop. English M138 is a variable topics workshop, and the focus of the course changes according to the interest and expertise of the instructor.

Q: Do I have to be an English major or minor to take a creative writing workshop?

A: No, all majors and minors are welcome to apply.

Q: How does enrollment work for creative writing workshops?

A: During the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring), creative writing workshops enroll using an application process. Students are asked to submit short statements of interest and/or writing samples in specific genres. The exact application requirements vary, and application requirements are set by the course instructor. To read the application instructions for the upcoming quarter, select the tab for the upcoming quarter at the top of this page.

Q: When will I find out if I have been accepted into a workshop?

A: Acceptance notifications are delivered at the start of the quarter (typically the beginning of Week 1). We advise that all workshop applicants enroll in an alternate course during their second enrollment pass to ensure that they enter each quarter with a full study list planned. Should you be accepted into a workshop, you can drop your alternate class anytime before the Friday of Week 4.

Q: May I apply to multiple workshops? For English 136A/B and 137A/B, how do I know which workshop is appropriate?

A: Yes, you may apply to multiple workshops in the same quarter, but please disclose that you are doing so on your applications. This practice will allow the course instructors to coordinate rosters and keep the courses balanced. If you are admitted to multiple workshops, you will only be permitted to take one per quarter.

For our A/B tiered workshops: Students do not need to complete an “A” workshop before completing a “B” workshop, and may apply for the level they feel best suits their writing abilities. Not certain which level is most appropriate? Students may apply to both the “A” and “B” workshops in the genres of their choice, and our creative writing faculty will determine placement.

Please note that once you complete a “B” workshop in a specific genre, you will not receive credit for an “A” workshop in that same genre.

Q: May I repeat a Creative Writing workshop for credit?

A: It depends on the workshop.

English 20W, English 136A, and English 137A may not be repeated for credit.

English 136B, English 137B, and English M138 may be repeated for up to 15 units of credit apiece. (Eg. You may enroll in English 136B during 3 different quarters for credit.)

Q: How do I apply to join the Creative Writing minor?

A: Please click here for information on the application requirements & application periods.

Q: Does the department host any creative writing contests?

A: Every Spring the department releases a call for entries in a number of creative writing contests. If you are interested in receiving the call for applications, please use MyUCLA Message Center to contact the English undergraduate advising office and request to be added to the student email listserv.

Q: How else can I get involved in creative writing at UCLA?

A: The Department hosts a number of reading series’ that we encourage undergraduates to attend. Readings and related events may take place in the English Reading Room, the Hammer Museum, or any number of venues around campus. Check the events section or our website to browse upcoming events.

The Department also hosts two organizations dedicated to the creative arts. Westwind is UCLA’s journal for the arts, and is staffed by UCLA students. UCLA Poem creates and sponsors poetry events and readings throughout the year. Participation in either organization can earn 2-units of upper-division credit. To learn more and to enroll, use the “Courses” menu option and select “Courses for the English Major.”