Department of English Commencement

When: Sunday, June 14, 2020 2:00 pm

Looking for the 2020 Department of English Commencement Celebration page? Click here!

(The page will be accessible from 10 am on June 14, 2020 through 10 am on July 8, 2020.)


Dear Dept. of English Class of 2020,

Many of you have asked about the Department of English’s plans for commencement for the Class of 2020. Please rest assured that we are thinking of you, and are busy making plans. As of now, we are planning the following:
  1. A celebratory website for the Dept. of English class of 2020. We will not be streaming a live event; however, we will be hosting a celebratory website to be activated on or around June 12. The website will include addresses from our Chair and Undergraduate Vice Chair, and possibly from an alumni speaker if logistics permit. These addresses will include recognition of any graduating students who have won departmental awards during their time at UCLA, as well as acknowledging the levels of honors earned by departmental honors students. The website will also use the same MarchingOrder slides and photographs that the College of Letters & Science has been collecting to honor our graduates. (For more information on MarchingOrder, click here.)
  2. In-person departmental ceremony or ceremonies, timeline TBD. We want you to know that we are committed to offering the Class of 2020 a chance to participate in a departmental ceremony once it is safe to gather in-person. We don’t yet know when this will be possible, but we feel strongly that you have earned the right to celebrate and be celebrated with your peers, professors, and loved ones. We can’t say for certain whether this will be a standalone ceremony for the Class of 2020, or whether we will be inviting you to celebrate alongside future graduating classes. But, we do know that we intend for each of you to proceed across our stage, if that is what you would like to do.
Additionally, please keep in mind that the College of Letters & Sciences will be hosting a live virtual event on Friday, June 12 (info here.)
We are so very proud of each and every one of you. As the Spring wraps up, we hope that you will find the time to celebrate and be celebrated, wherever you happen to be.


Please note that the information below describes our typical departmental event, which has been postponed for June 2020.

The departmental event is a smaller, more personal ceremony for our graduates and their families. You will be able to celebrate your accomplishment with your fellow classmates and the English department’s faculty. Around 250 English and American Literature & Culture majors participated last year.

Participating students do not need a ticket but must confirm that they are attending. Each participating student may order (4) free guest tickets and up to (4) additional tickets for $12.00 each. There will be a wait list for additional ticket orders.

For more information about the College of Letters & Science virtual commencement events, please visit the UCLA Commencement website.

Students with questions about College Commencement or academic eligibility to participate may direct their inquiries here:

Past Departmental commencement speakers:

Matea Gold (2018)

Randall Park (2017)

Christopher Zyda (2013)

Sunday, June 14, 2020 2:00 pm America/Los_Angeles Department of English Commencement UCLA English