Undergraduate ProgramsPreparation for the Major

UG Programs Preparation for the Major

Preparation for the English and American Literature & Culture Majors

Preparatory Coursework (the Prep)


English Composition 3: English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language
This is an introductory course focusing on fundamental writing skills. It is administered by UCLA Writing Programs, located in 146 Kaplan. If you received a score of 4 or 5 on either of the Composition & Literature or Language & Composition AP tests or scored 5-7 in the Language-English (native) IB exam, then you will receive credit for English Composition 3 and 8 units toward graduation.

English 4W/4HW/4WS: Critical Reading and Writing
This course introduces students to literary analysis through close reading and written exposition on selected literary works.

For English Majors ONLY:

English 10A: Literatures in English to 1700
English 10B: Literatures in English, 1700-1850
English 10C: Literatures in English, 1850-Present

The English 10 Series is a foundation for your study of English literature at UCLA. This yearlong series is a survey of major writers and genres, with emphasis on tools for literary analysis such as close reading, argumentation, historical and social context, and critical writing. English majors should take the 10 Series in sequence early in their career at UCLA.

For American Literature and Culture Majors ONLY:

English 11: Introduction to American Cultures
English 87: Topics in American Cultures

English 11 and 87 serve as a gateway to the study of American Literature and Culture at UCLA. These courses explore the question of what is meant by America and offer introductory study of the diverse peoples, history, and ideas of America. American Literature and Culture majors should take 11 and 87 in sequence early in their career at UCLA.

The Prep courses for the English and American Literature and Culture majors must be taken for a letter grade, and students must receive a grade of “C” or higher in each of the courses.

Foreign Language/Literature in Translation Requirement

All English and American Literature and Culture majors must have completed either (1) level five or equivalent in any one foreign language or (2) level three or equivalent in one foreign language and two additional courses in foreign language or foreign literature, including foreign literature in translation (click here for a list of eligible courses).

Transfer students who have satisfied the College of Letters and Science foreign language requirement at the high school level through the IGETC program may satisfy the departmental requirement with five foreign literature in translation courses.

The Department will give credit toward the major’s Foreign Language/Literature in Translation Requirement for any work the student may test out of in a UCLA language department placement exam or in an AP or IB exam. Please refer to the “Advanced Placement (AP) Credit” and “International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Exam Credit” tables on the UCLA Undergraduate Admission website.

Foreign language and foreign literature in translation courses may be taken on a Pass/No Pass grading basis.