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Common Room 193 and Conference Room 250

Room 193 is to be used for faculty meetings, faculty/student meetings, or as a venue for colloquia, visiting lecturers or job talks. This room may be made available to student groups after 4:00 p.m.  Room 250 is to be used for committee meetings, colloquia, orals, or makeup exams. These rooms cannot be used for classes.  Reservations can be made by contacting the Programs and Media Manager. If you would like to utilize Room 193 for your next event, please follow these instructions: Kaplan Hall 193: Information & Terms of Use. Please leave these rooms clean and orderly.


Main office staff will set up a code that will activate the machines. Charges for copying are $.08/copy. A credit of 500 copies is given for teaching assistants for each course. Faculty can use their code for coursework; they will be credited if they complete the log with course information.

Directory Editor

The Dept. Manager is the department’s primary editor for the CTS Directory (UCLA Campus Directory).  Adding names/emails to this directory is an important requirement for staff to access certain functions and for faculty to access their course roster.  The back-up editor is the IT Manager.

Email Distribution Lists

The department maintains several email distribution lists, which are managed by the IT Manager (faculty/staff lists), Graduate Counselor (graduate students list), and Undergraduate Counselors (undergraduate students list).

Facilities Requests

For general facilities trouble calls (locked doors, broken lights, etc.), please inform Front Office Staff.

First Aid

Supplies can be obtained in the department office in Room 149.


Please see the Front Office Coordinator for the building key, the key that will open your office and the mailroom and the Faculty Common Room key.  The replacement fee for lost or misplaced keys is $7.00 for each office/mailroom key and Faculty Common Room key. The replacement fee for a lost or misplaced building key is $35.00.


Monthly fees can be arranged through automatic payroll deduction. See Front Office Coordinator for enrollment forms.


Digital scanning is available through the two networked-copiers in the copier room and can be used to scan both pictures and text and send by email as .pdf files. Contact Front Office staff for more information.


See Purchasing Coordinator in the department office to order supplies.

Student Papers

Student papers should be returned directly to the student by faculty and need not be held longer than one quarter after the course is taught. In cases in which the faculty member will be leaving the University immediately after the course ends, papers can be given to the Undergraduate Office for return to students. However, space is very limited, so this service should only be used in the above situation. Blue books and papers with grades must also be retained for one quarter, and must be shredded during disposition. Please see Front Office Coordinator for assistance.


The department covers the cost of all local calls. Long distance calls that are research-related must be recharged to grants. All other long distance calls must be reimbursed. Telephone charges that exceed the cost of one single line instrument must also be reimbursed.