Allison Carruth selected for Princeton University Anschutz Distinguished Fellowship

January 25, 2019

Congratulations to Allison Carruth, who has been selected by the American Studies Program at Princeton University to hold the Anschutz Distinguished Fellowship in 2019-2020. Endowed in 1997, the Anschutz fellowship program is designed to bring to Princeton for one semester annually a leading scholar or practitioner in American arts, letters, politics, or commerce. The chief goal is to widen the American Studies community’s intellectual horizons, and offer an accomplished figure an opportunity to take part in Princeton’s singular scholarly, teaching, and social life.

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Open Mic Night to provide platform for student poets, authors and musicians

January 22, 2019
Elena Brown, Daily Bruin

Open Mic Night is a time for people to speak their minds and speak from their hearts. The event, which will be held Thursday in Renée and David Kaplan Hall, is hosted by UCLA’s creative writing program and the English department’s quarterly Westwind Journal, allowing students of all years and majors to perform original poetry and songs under five minutes. Amara Trabosh, a fourth-year English student and the managing editor of Westwind, said she hopes the event will serve as a unifying force among UCLA students, providing them a chance to express their emotions, regardless of their academic background.

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English professor honored for book on origins of citizenship in the United States

January 16, 2019
Sidney Kantono, UCLA Newsroom

Carrie Hyde, associate professor of English at UCLA, has been awarded the 2018 Gustave O. Arlt Award in the humanities from the Council of Graduate Schools. The organization is dedicated to the advancement of graduate education and research. The award is given annually to a young scholar who has written a book deemed to have made a significant contribution to the field of humanities.

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What Shakespeare Says about the Refugee Experience

January 11, 2019
Kim Hedlin

The UCLA English Department’s “Socially Engaged Shakespeare” initiative is helping students, faculty, and community members reimagine Shakespeare in light of contemporary social justice issues. “Shakespeare’s Plays, Refugees’ Stories” kicked off the department’s efforts on October 23-24, 2018. The two-day, multidisciplinary event highlighted the work of Jessica Bauman, a New York director whose recent adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It featured refugees as actors and storytellers.

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American literature and culture major revised to include more specialized courses

January 7, 2019
Patrik Bauer, Daily Bruin

The department of English revised the American literature and culture major fall quarter to offer new preparatory classes that allow students to focus directly on American literature instead of starting their major with a general English core curriculum. The revisions of mainly focus on differentiating it from the English major. Prior to the revision, the two majors shared the same preparatory courses, so the department created two new preparatory courses specifically to prepare incoming American literature and culture students.

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