Jonathan F.S. Post’s Elizabeth Bishop: A Very Short Introduction

July 8, 2022

Elizabeth Bishop has been described as the ‘best-loved’ poet in English of the second half of the twentieth century. This Very Short Introduction explores the 90 or so published poems that are at the core of her remarkable canon of verse. Drawing on biographical and critical material, Jonathan Post also makes frequent use of Bishop’s letters and commentary by fellow poets, including Marianne Moore, Robert Lowell, and James Merrill to illuminate her writing and contemporary literary landscape. Read More.

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Poet Rhiannon McGavin Maintains LA Roots While Exploring New Themes

June 7, 2022

For poet Rhiannon McGavin, LA will always be home. Now researching abroad in Europe, the UCLA alumnus said she spent her adolescence in the vibrant LA poetry scene. A former Youth Poet Laureate of LA, McGavin said her first two poetry collections chronicle the coming-of-age experience and were informed by her connection to the city. As she completes her third book while pursuing her Master of Philosophy at Trinity College, McGavin said LA continues to be a meaningful source of creative energy for her. Read the Daily Bruin article.     Rhiannon McGavin photo (c) Sadie Jean Spezzano

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UCLA Writer-in-Residence Elaine Kahn Discusses her Experience

June 3, 2022

Elaine Kahn, a writer and artist based in Los Angeles, is the writer-in-residence in the UCLA Department of English for spring 2022. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Kahn has taught at Pomona College, Saint Mary’s College of California, the University of Iowa and elsewhere. She is the author of the full-length poetry collections “Women in Public” and “Romance or The End,” and her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Art Papers magazine and other publications. She founded the Poetry Field School, where she teaches independent workshops to writers of all levels. Read the full story.

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2022 English and Writing Programs Awards Honorees

May 31, 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 Department of English and Writing Programs undergraduate award recipients! Department of English Awards Winner of the 2021-2023 Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series: Justin Huwe Winner of the 2022 Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series:
Mishal Imaan Syed Winner of the 2021-2022 Harold Dee Fox Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Transfer Student Performance: Summer Brotman and Nicole Hall Winner of the 2022 Department of English Undergraduate Essay Contest: Ramona Mukherji Recognizing ACES 2022 Participants: Calista Choi Conor Marshall Daisy Quinones Ella Moore Garrett Ewald Hannah Jannol Justin Huwe Kaitlyn Germann Katrina Futch Lesley Gonzalez Rebecca Gabra Steven Noll Ramona Mukherji Colby Miller Matthew Esarte Sarah “Nikki” Wolin Vana Shmavonian Zoie Burt Megan Fu Payton Dodd Winner of the 2022 Barbara Bellow Watson Shakespeare Essay Contest: Mason Hardy Winner of the 2022 David Wong Louie Memorial Prize: Ginger Jacobs Department of English Creative Writing Contests Fiction: 2022 Ruth Brill Scholarship Award: First: Woody Brown & Jane Shin Second: Jessica Wong 2022 Shirle Dorothy Robbins Creative Writing Award: First: Shalinee Maitra Second: Yidan Xu 2022 Christopher Zyda Creative Writing Prize: Aaliyah Qureshi 2022 Shirley Collier Prize: Young Kim Poetry: 2022 Fred and Edith Herman Memorial Prize from the Academy of American Poets: First: Rachel Kaufman Honorable Mention: Isabella Durgin 2022 May Merrill Miller Award: First: Mishal Imaan Syed Second: Rebecca Wittman 2022 Olfet Agrama Prize for Creative Writing: First: Ashley G. Kim Honorable Mention: Laureen Huynh 2022 Falling Leaves Prize Jade Lacy Department Honors Woody Brown, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mona Simpson. Payton Dodd, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Blake Allmendinger. Lily Frankel, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Justin Torres. Frances Guzman, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Reed Wilson. Rwiet Joseph, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Megan Stephan. Young Kim, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mona Simpson. Ashley Leung, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Jinqi Ling. (Winner of the 2022 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research) Tara McNeely, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Reed Wilson. Janice Montecillo, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Danny Snelson. Lillian Robles, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Louise Hornby. Evan Sakuma, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Summer Kim Lee. Jane Shin, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Justin Torres. Mursal Sidiqi, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Saree Makdisi. Rania Soetirto, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Grossman. Ellen Williams, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Matthew Fisher. Alice Zheng, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Brian Stefans. Writing Programs Awards Winner of the 2022 Peter Rotter First-Year Writing Prize: Mischa Gureghian Hall Winner of the 2022 Peter Rotter Essay Prize: Jinha Song (Jinha also received the Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research and Creativity for her presentation at the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase.) Winners of the 2022 Teague Melville Elliott Writing Prize: Sophia Searby Rita Debbanah Nicole Bosiy Winner of the 2022 Tom Davey Science Writing Prize: Kyle Lien

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Woody Brown to Become First Nonverbal Graduate of UCLA

May 27, 2022

One by one Woody Brown points to the letters on his writing board, his mom, Mary right next to him to translate what’s on his heart and mind. Brown was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, and will make history next month when he graduates as the first nonverbal student to not only attend UCLA but to also graduate from the university. The 24-year-old English major earned the university’s highest writing honors. Watch the CBS News story.

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Kristina Wong’s Show Celebrates Auntie Sewing Squad’s Work to Ease Effects of COVID-19

May 25, 2022

Kristina Wong is sewing change into the world. The alumnus wrote and acted in “Kristina Wong, Sweatshop Overlord,” the solo show for which she is the first Asian American woman to be named a finalist for the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Inspired by Wong’s own experiences, the premise of the play is centered on a real-life organization created by Wong named the Auntie Sewing Squad, which focuses on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with sewing machines. Wong said the group concentrates their efforts on making masks for communities that have limited access to health care. Read the Daily Bruin article.   Kristina Wong photo (c) Joan Marcus

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UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research Winners

May 22, 2022

Congratulations to Ashley Leung ’22, Catherine Hamilton ’25 and Patrick Ma ’23, winners of the 2022 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research. During UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Week (May 23-27), the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research recognizes and honors excellence in undergraduate research at UCLA. This year, eight outstanding scholars are being recognized for their use of Library resources for a research paper or course project. Their submitted research will be hosted on eScholarship, the University of California’s open access publishing platform. Read the full announcement.

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Launch of New Digital Media Lab

May 10, 2022

On Friday, May 6, the department gathered together to celebrate the launch of our new Digital Media Lab. The Digital Media Lab is the result of an initiative by a group of English faculty members whose students were increasingly interested in using multimedia resources in their scholarly work, according to department chair Ursula Heise, who is also the Marcia H. Howard Chair in Literary Studies and director of UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies. “[The lab] is not only about the creation of digital works, or research on digital works,” Heise said. “We’re also envisioning video works — which, of course, are digital in format these days — and audio. Podcasts obviously have become a super popular and effective means of communicating about a lot of things, and an important area of narrative creation.” Read the full story.

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