Graduate – Prospective – Funding

The Department of English admits a fully funded class and all applicants are automatically considered for a number of funding options. The Cota Robles Fellowship application is the only application that must be independently completed if you wish to be considered for this award.


For opportunities regarding external funding, please search the GRAPES database.

Deadlines and Requirements
Be particularly aware of deadlines and special requirements, since applications are due at widely varying times of the year, and many grants and scholarships serve only certain populations. The deadlines for most UCLA departmental and university-wide scholarships, assistantships, etc. fall in December. This means that you should begin looking for financial aid well in advance of the year in which you will be needing it. Most Fulbright Dissertation Grant deadlines are in October.

Merit-based Fellowships
The English Department criteria for the awarding of merit-based fellowships in the first stages of the program include quality of recommendations, skills evident in writing samples, and levels of test scores and grade-point averages. Teaching assistantships are awarded on the basis of merit. Criteria include grade-point average, progress toward the Ph.D., and evaluations of any preceding teaching assignments by students and observing professors. Ordinarily, a student in good standing may hold a teaching assistantship for nine successive quarters and no more than twelve total quarters. Dissertation-stage fellowships, the sine qua non for which is advancement to candidacy for the Ph.D., are awarded on the basis of the merit and feasibility of the project, the quality of the supporting recommendations, and the student’s recent achievements, as witnessed by faculty evaluations, grade-point average, publications, and involvement in the profession.

UCLA Graduate Student Health Insurance
UCLA Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP) coverage is included in the fee award portion of department fellowships and the fee remission benefit of Teaching Assistantships. (TA positions must be at least 25% of full time for fee remission benefits to apply.)

Need-based Aid
Applications for need-based aid can be found at the Financial Aid Office, A129 Murphy Hall. Even those with teaching assistantships are sometimes eligible for aid.