GraduateDissertation Research

Graduate – Current – Dissertation Research

‘The Eternal Now’: Suicide Notes in Fact, Fiction, and Species
Author: Kristen Cardon
Advisor: Prof. DeLoughrey

The Boundaries of Memory: Aberrant Remembering in Nineteenth-Century Literature from Déjà Vu to Ancestral Recall
Author: Jessica Cook Sherrill
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

An Unmet Promise: Aerial Perspective in Modernist Literature
Author: Elizabeth Crawford
Advisor: Prof. Hornby

Metagenres of Modernity: Dictatorship Novels and Speculative Fiction in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Author: Abraham Encinas
Advisor: Prof. López

Late-Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Ballads from Canada, India, and the United States: Generic Traditions of Race, Nationalism, and Imperialism
Author: Vanessa Febo
Advisors: Prof. McHugh, Prof. Yarborough

Mobile Figures and Laboring Travel in American Literature
Author: Thomas Garcia
Advisor: Prof. Pérez-Torres

Desert Dreams: The Primordial Temporality and Underworld Sublimity of TransBorder Art
Author: Salvador Herrera
Advisors: Prof. R. Lee, Prof. Pérez-Torres

Sex and the British Novel
Author: Miranda Hoegberg
Advisors: Prof. Kareem, Prof. Makdisi

The Anatomy of Risk: Economies of the Body in the Pre-Modern Period
Author: Rafael Jaime
Advisors: Prof. Fisher, Prof. Fuchs

Across Africa’s American Waters: Middle Passages, Imagined Home Spaces and Black Futurities
Author: Jessica Lee
Advisor: Prof. Goyal

Minor Abstractions: Theory, Ambience, Accounting
Author: Dandi Meng
Advisors: Prof. McMillan, Prof. Nersessian

Feeling With/out: Minoritarian Performances of Loss, Loneliness, and Longing
Author: Nicole Prucha
Advisor: Prof. Yarborough

Distasteful Sights: On Disgust and Film Form
Author: Emma Ridder
Advisors: Prof. Hornby, Prof. McHugh

Our Planet: Collective Narrative and Collective Politics in the Climate Change Era
Author: Spencer Robins
Advisor: Prof. Heise, Prof. Allison Carruth

Reading in Books: Theories of Reading in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
Author: Samantha Sommers
Advisor: Prof. Looby

The Novel and the Transient: Queer Turns in Surrealism
Author: Emma Spies
Advisor: Prof. Hornby

The Extractivist Episteme in American Narrative: Natural Resources, Bodies, and Environmental Injustice
Author: Matthew Swanson
Advisor: Prof. Heise

Fossil Power: American Literature and Energy Empire
Author: Shouhei Tanaka
Advisors: Prof. Heise, Allison Carruth

Contested Bodies: Fictions of Brownness and Latinidad
Author: Samantha Solis
Advisor: Prof. López

Disability and Political Economy in Romantic Literature, 1762-1834
Author: Lesley Thulin
Advisor: Prof. Helen Deutsch

Modes of World-Remaking in 17th-Century English Literature
Author: Joseph Torres
Advisor: Prof. Gallagher

Human Rights and Postcolonial Critique: Narrating Economic and Social Rights in the Contemporary Postcolonial Novel
Author: Arielle Stambler
Advisor: Prof. Goyal, Prof. Rothberg

More or Less Alive: Labor and Race in Comics’ Vital Aesthetics
Author: Tony Wei Ling
Advisor: Prof. R. Lee

Visibility, Inscrutability, and the Asiatic Body
Author: Brenda Wang
Advisor: Prof. Hornby

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and the Foundations of British Revolutionary Thought, 1563-Present
Author: Stanley Wu
Advisor: Prof. Shuger