GraduateDissertation Research

Graduate – Current – Dissertation Research

Virtual Bodies: On Minoritarian Performance and Digital Subculture
Author: Andrea Acosta
Advisors: Prof. Mcmillan, Prof. Snelson

London’s Pacific Rim: East Asian Emplacements of the British Capital
Author: Jacqueline Barrios
Advisor: Prof. Grossman, Prof. Makdisi

Realism’s Literal Illustration: How Textualized Images Explain Fictionality in the 19th-Century British Novel
Author: Ellen Truxaw Bistline
Advisor: Professor Grossman

Marvelous Figures: Shamans, Decoloniality, and Contemporary Literature
Author: Kimberly Calder
Advisor: Professor Heise

‘The Eternal Now’: Suicide Notes in Fact, Fiction, and Species
Author: Kristen Cardon
Advisor: Professor DeLoughrey

The Boundaries of Memory: Aberrant Remembering in Nineteenth-Century Literature from Déjà Vu to Ancestral Recall
Author: Jessica Cook
Advisor: Professor Grossman

An Unmet Promise: Aerial Perspective in Modernist Literature
Author: Elizabeth Crawford
Advisor: Professor Hornby

Scenes of Love: Atlantic Romance and the Black Venus Figure
Author: Lauren Dembowitz
Advisor: Professor Goyal

Driven to Succeed: Automobility in American Fiction, 1919-1945
Author: P.J. Emery
Advisor: Professor Yarborough

Late-Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Ballads from Canada, India, and the United States: Generic Traditions of Race, Nationalism, and Imperialism
Author: Vanessa Febo
Advisors: Prof. McHugh, Prof. Yarborough

Queer Magic: Sin and the Supernatural, 1150-1650
Author: Kersti Francis
Advisors: Prof. Chism, Prof. Gallagher

Affective Transcendentalism: Secularity and Spirit in Emerson, Fuller, and Thoreau
Author: Mark Gallagher
Advisor: Prof. Colacurcio

Mobile Figures and Laboring Travel in American Literature
Author: Thomas Garcia
Advisor: Prof. Pérez-Torres

Metaphors of Science and Theology in Arabic Translations and Early Middle English Lyric
Author: Rebecca Hill
Advisor: Prof. Chism

Fragile Minds: Idiosyncrasy, Representation, and Psychological Disability in U.S. Literature, 1798-1899
Author: Jessica Horvath
Advisors: Prof. Deutsch, Prof. Yarborough

The Anatomy of Risk: Economies of the Body in the Pre-Modern Period
Author: Rafael Jaime
Advisors: Prof. Fisher, Prof. Fuchs

Logics of Scale in Modern and Contemporary Literature
Author: Jay Jin
Advisor: Prof. North

Performing Displacement: Precarious Encounters, Hospitality Events, and the Theater of Migration
Author: Robin Kello
Advisor: Prof. Fuchs

Reading the Machine: Digital Reading Practices and the Contemporary Novel
Author: Chelsea Kern
Advisor: Professor Carruth

Reaching Readers: An Analysis of Identification in the Writings of Christine de Pizan and Geoffrey Chaucer
Author: Lauren Rebecca King
Advisor: Prof. Chism

Reading Stevens: Elizabeth Bishop and James Merrill’s Response to Wallace Stevens
Author: Jacob Lang
Advisor: Prof. Yenser

London-walking and the Dissolution of English National Character in the British Novel, 1840-1910
Author: Ji Eun Lee
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Repairing Absences: The Logic of Unspoken Reference in the Victorian Empire
Author: Yangjung Lee
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Arrested Solidarities: Resistance and Racial Contact Zones in the U.S. 19th Century
Author: Efren Lopez
Advisors: Prof. Lopez

Naïveté and the British Novel (1770 – 1830)
Author: Lillian Lu
Advisor: Prof. Deutsch

American Late Realism
Author: Gabriel Mehlman
Advisors: Prof. North, Prof. Seltzer

U.S. Movement Literatures and Circulation Struggles, 1965-1973
Author: Robert Mendoza
Advisor: Richard Yarborough

Race and Abstraction in Contemporary American Media
Author: Dandi Meng
Advisors: Prof. McMillan, Prof. Nersessian

Alien Love: Passing, Race, and the Ethics of the Neighbor in Post-War African American Novels (1945-1956)
Author: Hannah Nahm
Advisor: Prof. Yarborough

The Pathologies of Flesh: Temporalities of Feminine Embodiment in Contemporary Poetry
Author: Sarah Nance
Advisor: Prof. Deutsch

In the Garden: Narrative, Cultivation, and the Environment in British Literature, 1785-1900
Author: Michelle Radnia
Advisors: Prof. Bristow, Prof. Heise

Modernist Women and fin-de-siècle Culture: Lucas Malet, Netta Syrett, Ada Leverson, Dorothy Richarson, and the Development of the English Novel
Author: Crescent Rainwater
Advisor: Prof. Bristow

Time Out of Joint: Counterfactuals, Alternate Histories, and Traumatic Narrative
Author: Taly Ravid
Advisors: Prof. Deutsch, Prof. North

Writing Country: Geography and American Literature in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Grant Rosson
Advisor: Prof. Looby

The Deskilling of Postwar American Poetry
Author: Jeremy Schmidt
Advisor: Prof. North

Imagination and Disciplinary Development: Rethinking the Arts and Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Author: Kiel Shaub
Advisor: Prof. Makdisi

Reading in Books: Theories of Reading in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
Author: Samantha Sommers
Advisor: Prof. Looby

The Novel and the Transient: Queer Turns in Surrealism
Author: Emma Spies
Advisor: Prof. Hornby

Human Rights and Postcolonial Critique: Narrating Economic and Social Rights in the Contemporary Postcolonial Novel
Author: Arielle Stambler
Advisor: Profs. Goyal and Rothberg

Sites, Settings, and Strata: Asian American Literature and the Built Environment
Author: Gregory Toy
Advisor: Prof. Lee

Racial Prosthesis: Properties of Whiteness in Early Modern English Drama
Author: Andrew Wagner
Advisor: Professor Little

The Transnational Origins of the American Self
Author: Jordan Wingate
Advisors: Prof. Looby, Prof. Yarborough

Unimaginable Subjects: Centroamericanos in the Latino Nineteenth Century
Author: Gabriela Valenzuela
Advisor: Prof. López

The Reform Aesthetic in British Fiction from the Second Reform Act to the First World War
Author: Michael Vignola
Advisor: Prof. Grossman

Novels that Enact: Neoliberal Narrativization and Emerging Forms in 21st Century Fiction 
Author: Sujin Youn
Advisor: Prof. Seltzer