OpportunitiesStudent Award Winners

UG Opportunities Student Award Winners

Celebrating our 2021-2022 Award Winners & Departmental Honors Students


2022 Winners

English Department Essay Award

“Wiley Women: Framing Dalila in A Thousand and One Nights”

Author: Ramona Mukherji
Course: English 146
Instructor: Professor Chris Chism

Barbara Bellow Watson Shakespeare Essay Contest

““Any Last Words?” A Study of Deathbed Dialogue in Shakespeare’s Histories”

Author: Mason Hardy
Course: English 182B
Instructor: Professor Claire McEachern

Thompson Prize for Outstanding Honors Thesis

Upward Bound: Collected Stories

Author: Woody Brown
Thesis Advisor: Professor Mona Simpson

The Lily Frankel Show and Other Stories

Author: Lily Frankel
Thesis Advisor: Professor Justin Torres

Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series (2021-2023 recipient)
Justin Huwe

Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series (2022 recipient)
Mishal Imaan Syed

Harold Dee Fox Memorial Scholarship (2021-2022 recipients)
Nicole Hall
Summer Brotman

The Fred and Edith Herman Memorial Prize from The Academy of American Poets

Winner: “Throws” and other poems
Author: Rachel Kaufman

Honorable Mention: “How Should Mississippi Reap What The Nation Sowed”
Author: Isabella Durgin

The May Merrill Miller Award

First Prize: “allahabad” and other poems
Author: Mishal Imaan Syed

Second Prize: “Selah” and other poems
Author: Rebecca Wittman

The Olfet Agrama Prize for Creative Writing

Winner: “Do Korean women dance” and other poems
Author: Ashley G. Kim

Honorable Mention: “Girlhood is a Greek Tragedy”
Author: Laureen Huynh

The Shirley Collier Prize
Fascination: Sixteen
Author: Young G. Kim

The Christopher Zyda Creative Writing Prize
The Competition
Author: Aaliyah Qureshi

The Ruth Brill Scholarship Award
First Place: Tom the Movie Star
Author: Woody Brown

First Place: Revelations
Author: Jane Shin

Second Place: First Time
Author: Jessica Wong

The Shirle Dorothy Robbins Creative Writing Award
First Place: 0
Author: Shalinee Maitra

Second Place: Obscenity
Author: Yidan Xu

The David Wong Louie Memorial Creative Writing Prize
Author: Ginger Jacobs

Peter Rotter Essay Prize
“Queering the rocks: Three readings of the ‘grisly, feendlyrokkesblake’ of Chaucer’s Franklin’s Tale”
Author: Jinha Song
Jinhaalso received the Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research and Creativity for her presentation at the Undergraduate Research & Creativity Showcase.

Teague Melville Writing Prize
“The Sadomasochistic Aesthetic: Origins and Implications”
Author: Nicole Bosiy