OpportunitiesStudent Award Winners

UG Opportunities Student Award Winners

Celebrating our 2022-2023 Award Winners & Departmental Honors Students


2023 Winners


English Department Essay Award

“Translating the Border: Narration in Luiselli’s Tell Me How It Ends

Author: Ramona Mukherji
Course: English 131, Fall 2022
Instructor: Professor Yogita Goyal

“Queer Debt and Destruction in The Merchant of Venice and ‘The Shipman’s Tale'”

Author: Rainer Lee
Course: English 149, Winter 2023
Instructor: Professor Arvind Thomas

Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series

Mishal Imaan Syed
Sophia Torres Pomares

Recognizing ACES 2023 Participants:

Sydney Chun
Caitlin Carmichael
Emma Carson
Cory Chen
Yaser Cisneros
Shreya Dodballapur
David Egan
Aleea Evangelista
Megan Fu
Ashley Kim
Kate Green
Christina Jang
Mehr Juneja
Ella Moore
Ramona Mukherji
Eli Nachimson
Kelsey Olarte
Angela Patel
Daisy Quinones
Anna Schoones
Nikki Wolin

The Barbara Bellow Watson Shakespeare Essay Contest

“Post-Mortem Negotiability: Time as a Tool of Characterization in Othello’s Pivotal Deaths”

Author: Amelia Boeh
Course: English 150B, Winter 2023
Instructor: Professor Stephen Dickey

Harold Dee Fox Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Transfer Student Performance

Emma Horio

David Wong Louie Memorial Creative Writing Prize

Layla Knowles

The Olfet Agrama Prize for Creative Writing

Gabrielle Bromberg

The May Merrill Miller Award

First: Alexandra Janku
Second: Mishal Imaan Syed

The Ruth Brill Scholarship Award

First: Yaser Cisneros
Second: Benjamin Frandsen

The Christopher Zyda Creative Writing Prize

First: Kelsey Olarte
First: Andrew Checchia
Runner-up: Kristin Haegelin

The Shirley Collier Prize

Jade Lacy

The Fred and Edith Herman Memorial Prize from the Academy of American Poets

Winner: Mishal Imaan Syed
Honorable Mention: Lola Mia Jamin

The Shirle Dorothy Robbins Creative Writing Award

First: Jade Lacy
Second: Laureen Huynh
Honorable Mention: Ashley Kim

2022 Falling Leaves Prize

Jade Lacy

Department Honors

Khushi Bhasin. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Megan Stephan

Gabrielle Bromberg. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Justin Torres

Kelsey Chan. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Saree Makdisi

Kathleen Conley. Honors. Faculty Mentors: Chris Chism and Rob Watson

Rosemary Galloway. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Danny Snelson

Max He. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Danny Snelson

Justin Huwe. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mitchum Huehls

Miró Justad. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Summer Kim Lee

Ashley Kim. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Reed Wilson

Jade Lacy. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mona Simpson (Winner of the 2022 Falling Leaves Prize)

Tyler Maher. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Justin Torres

Ella Moore. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentors: Marissa López and Blake Allmendinger

Kayleigh Morrissey. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Kathleen McHugh

Ana Ovsepyan. Honors. Faculty Mentor: Eleanor Kaufman

Allyson Roche. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Louise Hornby

Justine Sargent. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Joe Bristow (Awarded the 2023 Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research and Creativity at Undergraduate Research Week.)

Jolie Sukonik. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Helen Deutsch

Jessica Wong. Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mona Simpson

Thompson Prize for Outstanding Senior Thesis

Kelsey Chan
Allyson Roche

Writing Programs Awards

Peter Rotter First-Year Writing Prize

Mrinalini Keskar

Peter Rotter Essay Prize

Xinix Perla

Teague Melville Writing Awards

Mehr Juneja
Una Stevanovic
Jodi Wong

Tom Davey Science Writing Prize

Hannah Chu