OpportunitiesStudent Award Winners

UG Opportunities Student Award Winners

Celebrating our 2023-2024 Award Winners & Departmental Honors Students


2024 Winners


English Department Essay Award

“Unsettling Mixed Identities in Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer

Author: Emily Kim
Course: English 198A, Fall 2023
Instructor: Professor Caroline Streeter


Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series

Winner: Mallory Cooper

Recognizing ACES 2023 Participants:

Katarina Beches
Emmett Chan
David Egan
Jett Felder
Candace Fernandez
Leana Flores
Brianna Gonzalez Ulloa
Kate Green
Julianne Le
Rainer Lee
Avery Poznanski
Nawal Qadir
Delaiah Ramos
Kristel Santos
Victor Shi
Keertana Sreekumar
Michaela Trelby
Megan Vahdat

The Barbara Bellow Watson Shakespeare Essay Contest

Winner: Sofia Rossi, for an essay titled “All the world’s a stage: sexual performativity in The Winter’s Tale.”

Harold Dee Fox Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Transfer Student Performance

Winner: Alexandra McCullough

David Wong Louie Memorial Creative Writing Prize

First Place: Delaiah Ramos
Second Place: James McCarron

The Olfet Agrama Prize for Creative Writing

First Place: Alex Bravo

The May Merrill Miller Award

First Place: Amelia Weintraub
Second Place: Selena Perez

The Ruth Brill Scholarship Award

First Place: Tavish Mohanti
Second Place: Sydney Imus

The Christopher Zyda Creative Writing Prize

First Place: Layth Handoush
First Place: Ella Lee

The Shirley Collier Prize

David Egan
Mayah Hebeish

2023 Mary Alice Fortin Foundation Creative Writing Award

Eli Nachimson

The Fred and Edith Herman Memorial Prize from the Academy of American Poets

Winner: Eli Nachimson
Honorable Mention: Hero Jay

The Shirle Dorothy Robbins Creative Writing Award

First Place: Taylor Shoda
Second Place: Hanna Blair

2023 – 2024 Falling Leaves Prize

Milagro Jones

2024 – 2025 Falling Leaves Prize

Natalia Tapia

Department Honors

Rafael Aroustamian –  Honors
Arushi Avachat  – Highest Honors
Zoie Burt – Highest Honors
Emily Castillo – Highest Honors
Cory Chen – Highest Honors
Brenna Connell – Highest Honors
Reagen Day – Honors
David Egan – Highest Honors
Matthew Esarte – Honors
Ilea Farrall – Honors
Jasmine Gonzalez Barrera- Honors
Mayah Hebeish – Highest Honors
Emma Horio – Highest Honors
Milagro Jones – Honors
Emily Kim – Highest Honors
Layla Knowles – Highest Honors
Lauren Kogelman – Highest Honors
Ella Lee – Highest Honors
Malia Lefaoseu – Highest Honors
Jariah Moore – Highest Honors
Eli Nachimson – Honors
Kai Nikchevich – Honors
Austin Nguyen – Highest Honors
Zoe Pailes – Highest Honors
Daisy Quinones – Honors
Abigail Royster – Highest Honors
Taylor Shoda – Highest Honors
Mishal Imaan Syed – Highest Honors
Sarah “Nikki” Wolin – Highest Honors
Sonia Wong – Highest Honors
Ruby Yassen – Honors

We also want to congratulate David Fuchs, Alondra Padilla Mata, and Francesca Talavera. These students completed their theses in the spring and will receive their honors designations at Commencement.

Thompson Prize for Outstanding Senior Thesis

Emma Horio & Austin Nguyen

Writing Programs Awards

Peter Rotter First-Year Writing Prize

Elisa Di, “The Silent Symphony: Unveiling the Artistry of Punctuation in Prose” (Nom: Lisovsky; WP)

Max Davis-Housefield, “Proxima b and the Search for a Habitable World” (Also: First-Year) (Nom: Bricker, Clusters)

Peter Rotter Essay Prize

Zaid Bustami – “Wilshire Boulevard: A Tale of the Privileged and the Oppressed” (McIver; WP)

Teague Melville Writing Awards

Xie, Victor – “Embracing the Posthuman: Subverting Techno-Orientalism and Reclaiming Asian Futurity in Light from Uncommon Stars and Salt Fish Girl” (Nom: Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi, Asian Am Studies)

Catie Long, “Rewire, Reframe, Rewrite: Gender and Mechanicity in Thrilling Adventures_ and _Hidden Figures” (Nom: Sherrill; Eng)

Natalie Tsubamoto, CAR T Cell therapy: the future of cancer treatment? (Nom: Watson, WP)

Tom Davey Science Writing Prize

Nathan Brice, “The Edge of Memory” (Nom: Hartenberger, WP)