Undergraduate SupportEnglish Main Office

UG Support English Main Office

The Main Office in Kaplan 149 is the nerve center of the Department. It houses the mailboxes for professors, staff, teaching assistants, and graduate students.

Undergraduate students in need of advising can find contact information here.




Turning in Papers

Students are often required to turn in papers in the Main Office. If you are handing in a paper, please time-stamp your paper and ask someone at the front desk to place it in your instructor’s mailbox. The time-stamp is located on the front desk.

Contacting Professors


Here are the best ways to contact a professor (in decreasing order of effectiveness):

  • Stop by the professor’s office during office hours. Office hours are posted on the professor’s door and, after the first week of classes, on the Main Office Bulletin Board.
  • Call the professor at his or her office extension or contact the professor via email. For a faculty contact information, click here.
  • Drop a note in the professor’s mailbox in the Main Office. You may ask at the Main Desk whether the professor is out of town, on sabbatical, etc.



The Main Office and the Undergraduate Counseling Office do not give out grades. If you would like to know a grade you may:

  • Log on to your MyUCLA account
  • Contact your professor
  • If you have a question about the grade you received, please contact your professor. The professor is responsible for the final grade, and cannot be overruled by the Department.