Undergraduate SupportPetitioning

UG Support Petitioning

Students may petition the Department to be given credit or waived from a requirement based on prior work completed at UCLA or another school. There are two types of petitions: a departmental petition, requiring only departmental approval; and the blue petition, requiring College approval.


Departmental Petitions

To petition for a course substitution or exemption for your English major/minor or American Literature and Culture major, please follow these guidelines:

  • Bring your DPR to an English undergraduate counselor to review your request.
  • If you are requesting credit for courses completed outside of UCLA, please bring a photocopy of the course description or a class syllabus.
  • If you are requesting course credit for every level of a foreign language you place out of, please bring a copy of your placement exam results to the counselor.
  • Upper-division major/minor requirements can only be substituted with upper-division courses (courses numbered 100-199), not with lower-division courses.
  • Once approved, your departmental counselor will process your course substitution/exemption online, therefore updating your DPR instantly.

Blue Petitions

Blue Petitions are handled by the College. For more information regarding their uses and submission procedures, go to: http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/counseling/petitions.html