GraduateCareer Development

Graduate – Current – Career Development

The department has specific recommendations for students to follow, at each stage of their graduate career, to help students reach their career goals.  Please see the “Guide to Graduate Study” for more on this. Students’ professional success and satisfaction depend on taking a proactive role in their own professional development.  Everyone’s path will be different, tailored to their unique skills and interests, but at the very least students should:

  •      Meeting with your adviser on a regular basis to discuss both your research and your professional development.
  •      Familiarizing yourself with the department’s Career Development website, which includes resources for the academic job search, recordings of past workshops, information about internships and more.  You should see “Career Development” listed under “Collaborative Sites” when you log in to CCLE.
  •      Completing your online Imagine PhD assessment, discussing it with your adviser, and meeting at least annually with the Director of Professionalization in English and a graduate Career Counselor to discuss your professional development plan.
  •      Familiarizing yourself with the resources in the Career Center’s  Career Preparation Toolkit
  •      Availing yourself of departmental, divisional, and Career Center programming to develop your core competencies.
  •      Launching a wide-ranging job search, including university and connected careers, when you are ready to go on the market.

Your professional success depends on your initiative, your talent, your perseverance, and your flexibility.  However, we do not expect you to work alone. Please reach out to your adviser, a graduate Career Counselor, and the Director of Professionalization in English for guidance and support.