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Transfer Admissions to UCLA


Admission to UCLA as an English or American Literature and Culture major is handled through the Admissions office. For complete information on how to apply and the criteria for junior transfer admissions, please go to the UCLA Undergraduate Admissions web site.

Transfer course credit

  • Complete most, if not all, of your major prep work before transferring to UCLA.
  • an English Composition course (English Composition 3)
  • a literature-based critical reading and writing course (English 4W)
  • a year-long survey of literatures in English (English 10A, 10B, and 10C)
    foreign language/literature in translation courses

To find out which courses at your community college are equivalent to these courses, go to and/or contact your transfer advisor. If your community college is not listed or you are transferring from another four-year university, contact an undergraduate counselor to review which courses are acceptable substitutes for our prep.

English Comp 3

  • Score of 4 or 5 in AP English Language and Composition/Literature and Composition
  • Score of 5-7 in IB Language-English (native) exam
  • Freshman Composition course. See for equivalent course.

English 4W

  • Literature-based writing course. See for equivalent course.

English 10 series

  • A year-long survey of literatures in English. Completion of only semester of the survey will give you credit for English 10A if you took the first half of the survey, or English 10C if you took the second half. See for equivalent courses.

Five Foreign Language/ Literature courses

  • Refer to the AP Credit chart at the UCLA Admissions web site
  • Refer to for the number of courses required at your community college to complete this requirement, courses that have been approved by the English department as foreign literature in translation courses, and for foreign language course equivalencies. High school foreign language coursework utilized for IGETC certification cannot be used to fulfill English major requirements. NOTE: You may also take a foreign language placement exam once admittted to UCLA–you are given credit in your major for every level of a foreign language you place out of.

Things to consider


Because transfer students only have a couple of years at UCLA, you must become familiar with all the opportunities that you have available in the English department in order to plan your academic schedule for the next several quarters.

Departmental Honors Program
Applications are due in Winter quarter. In order to be eligible to apply, you must have completed at least one upper division English course in the fall, have taken or at least be enrolled in one course from English 120-128: Critical Theory, by Winter quarter, and have a 3.5 in the major and 3.25 overall.

Declaring a second major
You are allowed to declare a second major once you have completed the prep and two upper divison courses for both majors and provided that you can complete both majors within your maximum units allowed. Complete as much of the prep for both majors at your community college before transferring, and then carefully plan your academic program with your departmental counselors to make sure that you do not exceed your maximum units allowed. See your counselor for more information.

Scholarships & Prizes
Study abroad through EAP or our department’s Summer Programs in Stratford or London.