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Renaissance and Early Modern Studies

In most graduate programs, students can only hope that they will find themselves personally and methodologically compatible with the few professors in their fields. UCLA, however, offers a diverse array of faculty mentors who are happy to co-operate to provide the broadest range of scholarly support.


Michael J. Allen
Distinguished Research Professor

A.R. Braunmuller
Distinguished Professor

Barbara Fuchs

Lowell Gallagher
Professor & Chair

Gordon Kippling
Professor Emeritus

Arthur L. Little Jr.
Associate Professor

Clare McEachern

Jonathan F.S. Post
Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus

Debora Shuger
Distinguished Professor

Robert N. Watson
Distinguished Professor

Students working in these fields will be supported by the many resources of UCLA’s renowned Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, which stages dozens of conferences and visiting lectures annually, runs its own convenient and comfortable library, offers research assistant positions and other support, and creates an appealing space in which English graduate students can benefit from Renaissance scholars in other fields at UCLA. For students working in the later portion of our period, similar resources are offered by UCLA’s Clark Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies.

UCLA has one of the top five academic library collections in the country, and in combination with the UC system and its convenient interlibrary connection, it offers a superb scholarly resource.

The English Reading Room houses some 30,000 volumes of special relevance to the field. This is a non-circulating collection in our building, so key texts will always be right at hand.

Within easy reach of UCLA are two of the world’s other great research libraries for Renaissance and Early Modern studies: the Huntington and the Clark.

Both welcome UCLA doctoral students, and both also run a wide range of scholarly conferences and cultural events throughout the year.

The Getty Center, with its extensive art collection and its lavish and accessible research facilities, is within ten minutes of campus; see

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