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Please see the Dept. Fund Manager or Purchasing Coordinator for guidelines before making any purchases for reimbursement. Travel packages from discount sites like Expedia are usually more difficult to reimburse; we advise that faculty not use them as they do not provide itemized receipts as required. Submit your original receipts for purchases and travel to Dept. Fund Manager for this Fiscal Year only; anything older cannot be processed. Please do not use your own funds to pay for any services, as UC Policy restricts reimbursement for services. Also, please do not purchase any items that cost over $500, are considered extravagant for personal use, or anything that may be considered “furnishings” such as pillows, lamps, furniture, etc, as UC Policy expressly restricts these purchases. If you have any questions, please be sure to talk to the Fund Manager before making the purchase.


Funds are available for undergraduate courses to be used for media, field trips, honoraria and instructional software and administered by the Fund Manager. Application forms are available in the department office, and faculty can apply for up to $650 per year. Reimbursements are processed by the Fund Manager. For Writing Programs courses, please call 206-1145 or ext. 6-1145.  Faculty can also apply directly online (, but please be sure to inform the Fund Manager of your application, so that we can track the transfer of funds.