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English 195: Community Internship


Taly Ravid
CCL Coordinator for English

Center for Community Learning
A265 Murphy Hall
310 825-7867

The Department of English and the Center for Community Learning offer English 195CE for four units on a Pass/No Pass or letter grading basis. Internship courses offered through the Center provide students with the opportunity to apply the critical thinking, writing, and research skills they have been developing at UCLA to issues brought up by work at an internship site located off-campus. English 195CE requires active participation at an agreed-upon field site, 8 weekly journals, 5 bi-weekly discussions with the English Coordinator, and a final research paper of 8-10 pages.

** This course is open to juniors and seniors with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.**

**Please Note: English 195CE CANNOT be used to count as one of the upper-division electives required for the American Literature and Culture Major or English Major or Minor.**

All students enrolled in English 195 internships must complete the following standard requirements:

  • Bi-weekly Discussion Sessions: Schedule and attend a discussion session with the English Coordinator at the Center for Community Learning (A265 Murphy) every other week—for a total of at least 5 meetings.
  • Weekly Response Papers: Submit eight 2-3 page response papers via email to the English Coordinator by 6 PM on Sunday for the previous week. Late papers will NOT be accepted. Response papers that do not meet the length requirement will not count. Papers should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12pt font with 1 inch margins.
  • Final Research Paper: Submit a research paper of 8-10 pages double-spaced (12pt. font; 1in. margins), due at 5 PM on Friday of Week 10 via email or in hard copy. Paper topics must be submitted to the English Coordinator for approval on the Sunday following Week 7. If students fail to submit a topic proposal, the Center cannot accept their papers for credit and they will NOT pass the English 195 internship course.
  • Time Sheet: This form should be submitted with the final paper—signed by student interns and their supervisors, and documenting the hours worked during the quarter. To pass the course, interns must work at least 80 hours (about 8-10 hrs/wk). Hours should be spaced EVENLY over the 10-week quarter and should not exceed 10-15 hrs/wk. UCLA policy prohibits students from interning more than 200 hours in one quarter.
  • Liability Waiver: This form is available at the Center and is required by UCLA for off-campus work.

** All of the above requirements MUST be completed at a passing level to result in a passing grade. What counts as passing work for each requirement will be discussed in more detail with the English Coordinator during enrollment and throughout the term. Students are advised to note that internship sites will be notified at any point in the quarter if students are in “NO PASS” territory. **

Enrollment Steps:

  • Apply for internships in Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States. Use your Handshake account for up-to-date local listings, or go directly to the web sites of corporations and nonprofits that interest you. The English Department also sends relevant internship opportunities out via our email listserv.
  • Once students have secured an internship, they should schedule an intake appointment with the English Coordinator at the Center for Community Learning by calling (310) 825-7867 or emailing cclmeetings@college.ucla.edu. Intake appointments are available at the end of the term preceding the internship and during Weeks 0-2 (including Summer Session A).
  • Enrollment for English 195 is completed by generating a course contract through MyUCLA and processing it with the English Department. During intake appointments with the English Coordinator, students will be presented with a more detailed syllabus for English 195 and will be provided with additional instructions about generating and processing course contracts. Further information, including sample syllabi, can be found at the Center for Community Learning’s internship web site: http://www.uei.ucla.edu/communitylearninginternships.htm.