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UG Support Counseling Office

Due to ongoing physical distancing directives, the English Undergraduate Advising Office will be remote access only until further notice.

To access major/minor degree checksheets and advising FAQs, visit our English Advising Box Folder.

Students should contact us through MyUCLA MessageCenter (Academic counseling unit: English) or by calling (310) 825-1389.

If you have a more in-depth advising question, you can book a phone or Zoom appointment with an advisor.

To book a Zoom appointment with Janel Munguia, please use MyUCLA. Students desiring an appointment for special circumstances (double major petition assistance, departmental evaluation, returning to UCLA after an absence) may book an appointment here.

Zoom drop-in advising hours are available weekly, and are announced via our undergraduate email listserv. The exact days/times change from week-to-week to accommodate various time zones and class/work/life schedules. Keep an eye on your inbox for each week’s times!

(Please note that Stephanie Bundy is away on maternity leave at this time. During the Winter quarter, please keep in mind that there will be one advisor instead of two, and plan accordingly by sending your questions well ahead of any deadlines whenever possible.)

Have a question for your central advising unit? Remote advising instructions can be accessed through the links below.

College Academic Counseling



Adjusting to remote learning? Visit the Center for the Advancement of Teaching’s remote learning resource page below.

Student resources for remote learning


Kaplan 158/160
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM

Drop-in counseling. No appointment necessary. Please bring a laptop or tablet device so that you can access your degree audit.

If you need to contact us electronically, please use MyUCLA MessageCenter and direct your inquiry to Academic counseling unit — English.

Janel Munguia
Undergraduate Counselor

Stephanie Bundy
Undergraduate Counselor


Please visit the Undergraduate Counseling Office to:

  • Declare a major in English or American Literature and Culture
  • Declare a minor in English or Literature and the Environment
  • Learn about the major/minor programs
  • Learn about special programs, including English Departmental Honors, Creative Writing workshops, and the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society
  • Talk to a counselor about program planning and course selection
  • Petition for credit or exemption from a major requirement
  • Discuss Study Abroad and how it may apply to your major
  • Submit English 195CE/197/199 contract course forms for processing
  • Consult about problems with a particular English course or professor
  • Change majors from English to American Literature and Culture or vice versa, or change concentrations within the English major
  • Get assistance with College petitions, including Late/Retroactive Add, Restricted Late Drop, Red Drop, Change Grading Detail, and Withdrawal
  • Receive information on declaring candidacy and non-attendance

If you are a returning student needing a manual degree check, are unable to come to drop-in counseling hours, or are traveling from out of town, please call the counseling office at (310) 825-1389 to make an appointment.

For questions regarding your General Education requirements or University requirements, please go to your counseling unit:

College Academic Counseling (CAC) located in A-316 Murphy
Honors Programs located in A-311 Murphy
Academic Advancement Program (AAP) counseling located in Campbell Hall