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Audio Visual

Request an AV equipped classroom 4 to 6 months in advance from the Undergraduate Office in Room 160 for any use of AV equipment, such as overhead projectors, microphones, slide projectors, VHS tape playbacks, etc. Otherwise, submit your request to the Front Office Coordinator in the department office in Room 149 at least 5 working days before needed. Cancellations must be requested 1 working day before equipment is scheduled. If deadlines are not met, the department will be charged a fine, which will be recharged to the individual.

Media Library

See the most up-to-date listing of available videos, films or tapes in the Media Library in 46 Powell Library or through the Library Catalog (

Class Web Pages

Humtech provides Research Instructional Technology Consultants (RITC’s) to help faculty create and manage class web pages. RITCs are available by appointment through Humtech at ext. 6-1414. In addition, RITCs are located in 1041 Public Affairs Building at ext. 5-4864, Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The course websites have been created, and we are accepting course syllabi and content for posting on the websites. Note that syllabi will be made publicly viewable unless designated as “private.” All material will be processed and posted in the order in which it was received. With that in mind, to ensure that your course materials will be posted and ready for student access in these first days of the quarter, please try to get your course material in as soon as possible.

Course Rosters and Grade Sheets

Log in to with your Bruin On-Line ID and Password. If you do not have a Bruin On-Line account, you will find instructions there on how to obtain one. If you have forgotten your password, please contact the BOL Helpdesk to have it reset. They can be reached at 310-267-HELP or by going to Please print out a copy of your grade sheet for the Front Office Coordinator.

Course Schedule

The course schedule is drafted each year in February (for the following Academic Year) by the Undergraduate Vice Chair. The Undergraduate Office assigns rooms and times.


All course grades are submitted electronically. You may receive Grade Change, Removal of Incomplete, etc. forms from the Front Office Coordinator in the department office. The Graduate Counselor handles the removal of incomplete grades for Graduate Students.  Return all copies of completed undergraduate forms to the Front Office Coordinator. For 195s, 7s, 8s or 9s, department policy requires that a final copy of the student work must be on file in the undergraduate office. Please inform students that NO grades will be given out by Department staff.

Permission to Enroll

You may issue a permission to enroll (PTE) number to each student to override class limit/major restrictions. Graduate students may contact Mike for PTE numbers with written instructor approval. PTE numbers can be accessed through the “Courses” page on

Summer Sessions

Inquiries will be sent each October soliciting interested faculty. The stipend is calculated based on a percentage (8.5%) of the lowest academic annual salary, exclusive of administrative stipends, above-scale payments, staff appointments, or other compensation, in effect June 30th of the summer in which the instructor is teaching. Increases in pay that are effective July 1st or after are not included. No graduate courses are offered. Summer teaching is limited to no more than one course per faculty.

Teaching Evaluations

The Chair’s Office distributes teaching evaluations each quarter, as all courses must be evaluated. Please follow the instructions on the envelope and have the evaluations returned by a student (do not seal envelope) to the department office by the last day of classes. Late evaluations or those completed outside of the classroom will not be accepted.


Textbooks are ordered on-line at  Please see Front Office Coordinator for assistance.