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Address Change

Please inform the Front Office Coordinator.  For changes to an email address, please also inform the IT Manager.  Graduate students should also inform a Graduate Counselor and update their address on URSA.


There is a 30-day window of opportunity from the date of appointment to be able to sign up for benefits. NOTE: There is also this same 30 day window to add new dependents from the date of marriage or birth. To contact the main campus Benefits Advisors, employees with last names A-I should contact Camille Carr (310-794-0847;, employees with last names J-K should contact Joe Sanchez (310-794- 0828;, and employees with last names L-Z should contact Robert Larriva (310-794-0837;


Payroll checks are automatically deposited on the 1st of each month. Reimbursement checks are processed in a minimum of 2 weeks and are deposited in the same manner as paychecks.

Housing Information

The campus housing office is located at 945 Weyburn Terrace, #116, and at ext. 3-1300. Daily updated listings are available for apartments for rent, subleases, rooms, rooms/apartments to share, etc. Online housing listings are available for a monthly fee. You may also find them at:  Please see the Dept. Manager in Room 170 if you wish to arrange a meeting with the Housing office.

Identification Cards

Identification cards (BruinCards) also function as your library card. Cards can be obtained through the BruinCard Office at Room 123 Kerckhoff Hall between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The extension is 5-2336. It is best to bring proof of employment which faculty can obtain from a member of the Academic Personnel team.

Leave Without Pay

If you choose not to pay for your benefits when you are on leave, you must cancel your benefits for the time you are away. See Academic Personnel Manager for assistance. If you do cancel your benefits, it is important to request reinstatement as soon as you return from leave. Parking must also be cancelled, otherwise you will be retroactively charged upon your return for parking during the time of your leave. A leave without pay will also affect your service credit for retirement calculations. If you have the option of transferring funds through UCLA to take your leave (e.g. Fulbright fellowship), this may be the better option. If you are unsure, please speak with the Dept. Manager.

Promotion / Merit Increases (Tenure Track Faculty)

You will be notified in March if you are eligible for advancement for the following year.  The Academic Personnel Manager will send out detailed instructions on how to prepare a dossier for a promotion or merit increase after receiving your written request for consideration.

Sabbatical Leaves (Tenure Track Faculty)

Contact Academic Personnel Manager for the eligibility chart or for more information.

Surepay (Automatic Deposit)

Faculty members and TAs are to see one of our Academic Personnel staff, and Staff are to see the Dept. Manager.