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Appointment of Academic Apprentice Personnel Teaching Assistants, Associates, and Fellows


Regulations governing appointment, titles, and salary of apprentice personnel require each department to establish for appointment “a set of criteria appropriate to its philosophy and need, so that it is known and understood by its appointees”.  Accordingly, the Department of English has established the following criteria for appointment and advancement consistent with categories defined by the Administration. The regulations establish three categories for employing apprentice personnel according to their qualifications.  These are half-time appointments that will be subject in all respects to current University policies.

  • All appointments are for one year or less.  Requests for reappointment for additional one-year terms (not to exceed four years except by petition) will be considered during the annual review and assessment of all applicants competing for the positions available.  It is University policy that graduate students may not be employed for more than 12 quarters as a TA, or 18 quarters as a TA and Graduate Student Research Assistant.
  • Students must notify Nora Elias in the English Department Main Office, 149 Kaplan, when requirements for Teaching Associate and Teaching Fellow titles have been met.  Students should also consult with the Graduate Counselor about category changes.

Criteria for Appointment

  • Initial appointment:  Once students have passed English 495A-Supervised Teacher Preparation, they are appointed to apprentice teaching titles on the basis of their accomplishment in course work, qualifying examinations, progress toward the doctorate, and their prior experience and training in composition teaching.  The committees rarely appoint students without some graduate work to a Teaching Assistantship.  During the first quarter of appointment, the student must enroll in English 495B.  Teaching Assistants enroll in English 375 each quarter of their appointment.  In addition, during each summer TA’s must remove all Incompletes accumulated through the end of the previous Winter quarter.  Students with GPA’s below 3.0 are ineligible for appointment.
  • Reappointment: In addition to scholarship and progress toward the doctorate, applicants for reappointment are judged on their teaching effectiveness.  Teaching effectiveness and excellence will be judged by reports of advisers appointed for the academic year, teaching evaluations, and the report of the Vice Chair.

All appointments and titles are based on the following additional criteria:

  • Teaching Assistant: Teaching assistants are selected for their scholarship and promise as teachers. They may not be given sole responsibility for the content of a course, selection of assignments, planning of exams, or grading, nor are they to be used exclusively as readers. They may supervise teaching assignments in small sections of undergraduate courses.
  • Teaching Associate: A teaching associate has a master’s degree or has completed at least 36 units of graduate coursework (not including courses 375 or 495) and has at least one academic year of UCLA TA experience (or approved collegiate teaching experience at a comparable institution). Advancements to teaching associate are made upon recommendation by the chair of the department, based on performance evaluations by supervising faculty (which must be documented if advancement is withheld from an otherwise qualified student).
  • Teaching Fellow: A teaching fellow is formally advanced to doctoral candidacy, has demonstrated professional maturity and excellence as a scholar and teacher, and has at least two academic years of UCLA TA experience (or approved teaching experience at a comparable institution). Advancements are made as described for teaching associate.

(N.B.  Students can generally expect a 2% cost of living increase in October.)

Students working as Readers, Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and tutors are members of the Student Association of Graduate Employees (SAGE) and are subject to union rules and regulations.  For more information, please go to the Academic Student Employees section of the Graduate Division website at