Alumnus Mehr Juneja is bringing new representation to the world of standup comedy

May 29, 2024
Maya Rego I Daily Bruin

Through labor and laughter, Mehr Juneja is redefining representation in comedy.

Recent alumnus Juneja is a self-made comedian and the producer and co-founder of the Los Angeles based comedy show “Imposter Syndrome.” Juneja said “Imposter Syndrome” seeks to highlight historically underrepresented voices and those whose identities are often used as targets in comedic spaces.

“There’s so much space for bad male white comedy, with a few that are amazing,” Juneja said. “I made ‘Imposter Syndrome’ into more of any sort of comedy, more of any marginalized group you are in, this is a safe space for you.”

Comedy has been an integral part of Juneja’s life since her childhood, she said. Growing up, her family would often sit around the television and watch sitcoms together, she added, and her sister has acted as a role model in the comedic space, being a comedy writer herself. However, as a child, Juneja said she felt excluded by the lack of comedic presences on television she could identify with, the majority being straight white men. Her career has thus been motivated by the lack of representation she witnessed growing up.

Her first open mic with Shenanigans Comedy Club at UCLA, left her feeling intimidated, as the performers were older than her and mostly white and male, she said. Yet the show was a great success, Juneja added, and she continued to pursue her passion for comedy from there.

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Photo courtesy of Mehr Juneja.