2022 English and Writing Programs Awards Honorees

May 31, 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 Department of English and Writing Programs undergraduate award recipients!

Department of English Awards

Winner of the 2021-2023 Clara Rusk Hastings Scholarship for Excellence in the English 10 Series:

Justin Huwe

Winner of the 2021-2022 Harold Dee Fox Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Transfer Student Performance:

Summer Brotman and Nicole Hall

Winner of the 2022 Department of English Undergraduate Essay Contest:

Ramona Mukherji

Recognizing ACES 2022 Participants:

Calista Choi

Conor Marshall

Daisy Quinones

Ella Moore

Garrett Ewald

Hannah Jannol

Justin Huwe

Kaitlyn Germann

Katrina Futch

Lesley Gonzalez

Rebecca Gabra

Steven Noll

Ramona Mukherji

Colby Miller

Matthew Esarte

Sarah “Nikki” Wolin

Vana Shmavonian

Zoie Burt

Megan Fu

Payton Dodd

Winner of the 2022 Barbara Bellow Watson Shakespeare Essay Contest:

Mason Hardy

Winner of the 2022 David Wong Louie Memorial Prize:

Ginger Jacobs

Department of English Creative Writing Contests


2022 Ruth Brill Scholarship Award:

First: Woody Brown & Jane Shin

Second: Jessica Wong

2022 Shirle Dorothy Robbins Creative Writing Award:

First: Shalinee Maitra

Second: Yidan Xu

2022 Christopher Zyda Creative Writing Prize:

Aaliyah Qureshi

2022 Shirley Collier Prize:

Young Kim


2022 Fred and Edith Herman Memorial Prize from the Academy of American Poets:

First: Rachel Kaufman

Honorable Mention: Isabella Durgin

2022 May Merrill Miller Award:

First: Mishal Imaan Syed

Second: Rebecca Wittman

2022 Olfet Agrama Prize for Creative Writing:

First: Ashley G. Kim

Honorable Mention: Laureen Huynh

2022 Falling Leaves Prize

Jade Lacy

Department Honors

Woody Brown, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mona Simpson.

Payton Dodd, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Blake Allmendinger.

Lily Frankel, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Justin Torres.

Frances Guzman, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Reed Wilson.

Rwiet Joseph, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Megan Stephan.

Young Kim, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Mona Simpson.

Ashley Leung, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Jinqi Ling. (Winner of the 2022 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research)

Tara McNeely, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Reed Wilson.

Janice Montecillo, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Danny Snelson.

Lillian Robles, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Louise Hornby.

Evan Sakuma, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Summer Kim Lee.

Jane Shin, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Justin Torres.

Mursal Sidiqi, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Saree Makdisi.

Rania Soetirto, Honors. Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Grossman.

Ellen Williams, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Matthew Fisher.

Alice Zheng, Highest Honors. Faculty Mentor: Brian Stefans.

Writing Programs Awards

Winner of the 2022 Peter Rotter First-Year Writing Prize:

Mischa Gureghian Hall

Winner of the 2022 Peter Rotter Essay Prize:

Jinha Song (Jinha also received the Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research and Creativity for her presentation at the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase.)

Winners of the 2022 Teague Melville Elliott Writing Prize:

Sophia Searby

Rita Debbanah

Nicole Bosiy

Winner of the 2022 Tom Davey Science Writing Prize:

Kyle Lien