Alumnus Boris Dralyuk to feature timeless works in Hammer Poetry Series

February 21, 2024
Katy Nicholas I Daily Bruin

Challenging the boundaries of language and time, Boris Dralyuk is using poetry to merge the past and present.

The alumnus was featured in the Hammer Museum’s Poetry Series on Feb. 22. Dralyuk said his style is conversational, traditional in form, and it thematically attempts to connect with the history and past residents of the places he lives in. To emphasize this, he said his most recent poetry book, “My Hollywood and Other Poems,” includes his impressions of growing up in Hollywood as it evolved into a modern city.

“I think I felt the need, as I’m sure many poets do, to make the momentary or the fleeting feel permanent,” Dralyuk said. “Things that I felt were too good to let be forgotten or to let die out or to vanish – I wanted to preserve them.”

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(Photo courtesy of Boris Dralyuk)