Danny Snelson’s ‘Algo-Lit’ Class Embraces Potential of AI

November 29, 2023
Emma Horio | UCLA

A new UCLA English class is built around the premise that the best way to understand artificial intelligence tools, including their biases and limitations, is to experiment with them.

The class, “Algo-Lit: An Introduction to AI Literature,” is taught by Danny Snelson, an assistant professor of English.

“I think that the use of generative AI — to be specific, the type of large-language models or image synthesis tools built on massive accumulations of data — presents real ethical and moral concerns,” Snelson said. “But these tools, and the new ways of making they present, are not going away. That box has been opened.”

The course began with an introduction to articles and creative works about algorithmic biases as a way to foster discussion of the ethical issues around AI.

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