Professor Emeritus Frederick Burwick’s A History of Romantic Literature

July 9, 2019

From the Publisher (WILEY Blackwell):

Historical narrative offers introduction to romanticism by placing key figures in overall social context

Going beyond the general literary survey, A History of Romantic Literature examines the literatures of sensibility and intensity as well as the aesthetic dimensions of horror and terror, sublimity and ecstasy, by providing a richly integrated account of shared themes, interests, innovations, rivalries and disputes among the writers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Drawing from the assemblage theory, Prof. Burwick maintains that the literature of the period is inseparable from prevailing economic conditions and ongoing political and religious turmoil,as well as developments in physics, astronomy, music and art.
Notable features of the book include:
Ÿ A strong narrative structure divided into four major
chronological periods: Revolution, 1789-1798; Napoleonic
Wars, 1799-1815; Riots, 1815-1820; Reform, 1821-1832
Ÿ Thorough coverage of major and minor figures and
institutions of the Romantic movement (including Mary
Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Montague and the Bluestockings,
Lord Byron, John Keats, Letitia Elizabeth Landon etc.)
Ÿ Emphasis on the influence of social networks among authors,
such as informal dinners and teas, clubs, salons and
more formal institutions

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