Undergraduate Student Benjamin Frandsen Shares His Acceptance Story

October 19, 2022

English Major Benjamin Frandsen recently shared his acceptance story with UCLA Magazine.

“The chrysalis of any meaningful life consists of its challenges. Though pain and struggle are relative, I doubt many stories like mine will appear in university magazines. In 2003, I was arrested by the FBI. The government was seeking the death penalty. Every tale of slaying our proverbial dragons, of painful lessons, must start somewhere. This one begins with a burglary.”

Read the full story.

Benjamin Frandsen has a podcast, Ben Free Podcast, where he leads listeners on weekly interviews through the emotions, thoughts and processes of those who have survived their heavy handed sentences. Dr. Laura Abrams, Professor of Social Welfare and Department Chair at UCLA Luskin, was a recent guest speaker. You can also follow Benjamin on Instagram: @benfreebiz.

Benjamin Frandsen photo (c): Christina Gandolfo