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Allison Carruth receives $15,000 UCLA Arts Initiative Grant

Congratulations to Professor Allison Carruth, who has been awarded a $15,000 UCLA Arts Initiative “Campus as Canvas” grant for a project called “Artful Food, Climate Chaos,” which she will be collaborating on under the auspices of UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS) next year with New York artist Marina Zurkow (whose work has shown at the Smithsonian and SFMOMA) and LA chefs Henry Fischer and Anna Rose Hopkins. The project will involve undergraduate and graduate students, and will take shape as a series of public campus “tastings” and conversations around the topic of sustainable foods for climate change and Zurkow’s and the chefs’ particular experiments with jellyfish snacks. “Artful Food, Climate Chaos” will create spaces where food science meets performance art!

For further information on Marina Zurkow’s work, please see the following link:


For information on the chef duo of Fischer and Hopkins, please see the following link: