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My Body is Paper

Edited by Rafael Pérez-Torres

The new collection edited by English professor Rafael Pérez-Torres (with Pablo Alvarez, Kevin Martin, and Terry Wolverton,) includes a foreword by fellow English professor Justin Torres.

Since City of God (1994) by Gil Cuadros was published 30 years ago, it has become an unlikely classic (an “essential book of Los Angeles” according to the LA Times), touching readers and writers who find in his work a singular evocation of Chicanx life in Los Angeles during and leading up to the AIDS epidemic, which took his life in 1996. Little did we know, Cuadros continued writing exuberant prose and poems in the period between his one published book and his untimely death at the age of 34. This recently discovered treasure, My Body Is Paper, is a stunning portrait of sex, family, religion, culture of origin, and the betrayals of the body. Tender and blistering, erotic and spiritual–Cuadros dives into these complexities which we grapple with today, showing us how to survive these times, and beyond.

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