Kelly, Henry Ansgar

Distinguished Research Professor

Kaplan 192


1952-53: Creighton University1953-61: St. Louis University       A.B. 1959 (Classics, English, Philosophy)       Ph.L. 1961 (Philosophy)       A.M. 1961 (English)1961-64: Harvard University       Ph.D. 19651964-66: Boston College, Weston College of Theology

(1953-66: Jesuit Seminarian)
(1964-67: Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows)
(1966-67: Resident, Amerian Academy in Rome)

Research Interests:

Medieval and Renaissance Literature and History; Biblical Studies; Canon Law; Church History; Theology

Selected Works, by Topics:

Biblical Studies
Incest and Kinship Impediments
Inquisition and Inquisitorial Procedure
Latin, Language, and Translation
Legal Studies
Love and Courtly Love
Richard III
Spanish Studies
Satan and Demonology
Tragedy and Genre
Trials and Prosecutions
Wyclif and Wycliffites

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