Summer Travel StudyStudent Quotes

Travel Study Student Quotes

See what past travel study participants had to say:


“The Florence summer program was the best way I could have spent my summer. It forced me out of my comfort zone while exposing me to beauties and knowledge that I will never forget. Not only did I make friends in the department that I would not have made otherwise, but I got to learn from one of the most passionate professors on campus about American and Italian history, architecture, culture, and art in the most hands-on way imaginable. No matter the location (inside a museum or exploring the Fiesole ruins), the time of day (daytime classes or nighttime opera performances), or the focus of the day (marble statues or paintings), the learning experience surpassed my every expectation. I am so very appreciative of the fact Professor Looby and our T.A. were as engaging, caring, and knowledgeable lecturers abroad as they are in the States. I will forever remember my time in Florence, Italy and how it catalyzed my growth as a traveler, reader, student, and person.” – Sara P. Duran-Fernandez

“This program is honestly the best way to experience Florence. Seeing the sights, getting to know my peers and instructors, and simply being in one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in the world amounted to an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. You will get to know Florence, you will get to know your fellow students, and you will get to know yourself better by the end of this trip. No stand-alone tour of Florence could bring the city’s history to life the way that this program does. Professor Looby is both a brilliant professor and a warm human being which makes him perfect for leading a program like this that transcends the classroom experience. My demanding academic schedule made year-long abroad programs impossible and even quarter-long ones difficult to accommodate, so the travel study program was an absolutely perfect way for me to fulfill my dream of studying abroad. I would recommend this program to anyone. You will certainly not regret it.” – Erin Severson