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UCLA is a member of the The Dickens Project.

Each year two UCLA graduate students are selected to participate in the weeklong summer conference in Santa Cruz, called the Dickens Universe.

UC undergraduates may also sign up for the week long course in Santa Cruz for credit.

Roughly every four years, UCLA hosts the Dickens Project Graduate Conference: in 2006, in 2010, in 2014, and in 2019. We will be hosting the graduate conference again in 2025.


Contact Professor Grossman to be added to the waiting list;
priority by seniority / area of focus / level of commitment / date of request to be in queue

2023 representatives

Sophie Rickless
Alexander Shassetz
Erin Severson
Mary Shannon
David Amano

Be aware that summer teaching may conflict with the Dickens Universe: check the dates.
Graduate participants are responsible for arranging the funding provided by the English Department.

2003 Joe Rezek, Laura Haupt
2004 Anne Stiles, Elizabeth Graham
2005 Matt Dubord, Anne Stiles (returning)
2006 Jim Caufield, Dustin Friedman
2007 Josie Richstad, Katherine Isokawa
2008 Ian Newman, Noah Comet
2009 Justine Pizzo, Kate Bergren, Josie Richstad (returning)
2010 Amy Wong
2011 Ronjaunee Chatterjee, Cristina Richieri-Griffin
2012 Alexandra Milsom, Sina Rahmani
2013 Katie Charles, Michael Nicholson, Cristina Richieri Griffin (returning)
2014 Leigh-Michil George, Lindsay Wilhelm
2015 Julia Callander, Cailey Hall, Jacqueline Barrios
2016 Doris Voronka, Alethia Shih, Jacqueline Barrios
2017 Vanessa Febo, Crescent Rainwater, Jacqueline Barrios
2018 Ellen Truxaw, Ji Eun Lee, Michael Vignola (rep. 2019 grad conference organizer)
2019 Oriah Amit, Michael Vignola
[2020, 2021 pandemic: online conferences]
2022 Jessica Cook, Yangjung Lee
2023 Bethany Johnsen, Miranda Hoegberg