Undergraduate ProgramsProfessional Writing Minor


Requirements for the Professional Writing Minor


Students seeking to declare the minor in Professional Writing must: (1) be in good academic standing (overall grade-point average of C or better); (2) have satisfied the Writing II requirement; and (3) submit a brief essay of application. Students will be asked to submit a copy of their transcripts for verification, to respond in an essay of 500 words to questions about why they want to enroll in this minor and what they hope to gain from it professionally, and to submit one writing sample that they feel represents their best work in college so far (a paper of 1000 words or less, written for a class that is NOT a freshman composition class).

Prerequisite: One Writing II course or its equivalent.

Six Upper Division Courses:

One Professional Writing Core course:

    • ENGCOMP 130A: Professional Writing: Digital Writing and Web Literacy
    • ENGCOMP 130B: Professional Writing: Business and Entrepreneurship
    • ENGCOMP 130C: Professional Writing: Science and Technology
    • ENGCOMP 130D: Professional Writing: Non-Profits and Public Engagement
    • ENGCOMP 130E: Professional Writing: Arts and Entertainment


Two Professional Writing electives from the English Department or Writing Programs:

    • ENGL 110A: Writing in English Major: Analytical
    • ENGL 110C: Writing in English Major: Public Readers, Public Writers
    • ENGL 110E: Writing in the English Major: Advanced Essay
    • ENGL 110P: Writing in the English Major: Pre-Professional Portfolio
    • ENGL 110V: Writing in English Major: Variable Topics in Professional Writing
    • ENGL M138/ENGCOMP M138: Topics in Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction**
    • ENGL M191P: Careers in the Humanities
    • ENGCOMP 131A: Specialized Writing: Law and Politics
    • ENGCOMP 131C: Specialized Writing: Medicine and Public Health
    • ENGCOMP 131D: Specialized Writing: Media and Communications
    • ENGCOMP 132D: Topics in Rhetoric and Writing: Variable Topics
    • ENGCOMP 133: Topics in Writing for Multimedia Environments
    • ENGCOMP 134: Topics in Science Writing
    • ENGCOMP 136: Practical Writing and Editing
    • ENGCOMP 137: Writing for Public Speaking

**ENGL/ENG COMP M138 must be on an approved non-fiction topic.

One approved elective from other departments across campus (see table here).

One additional upper-division course from any of the above 3 categories (Core, English/English Composition elective, or campus elective).

One writing capstone course, cumulative portfolio course, or internship course**:

    • ENGL 195CE: Community and Corporate Internships in English
    • ENGL 197: Individual Studies in English
    • ENGL 199: Directed Research or Senior Project in English
    • ENGL/ENGCOMP M185: Professional Writing Capstone

**To learn more about capstone options, please attend one of our capstone info sessions for declared minors. You can review the PWM Fall 22 Capstone Info Session here.

Alternative courses for any of the above categories may be considered for credit by petition.

Transfer students may petition for credit for courses completed at other prior college-level institutions.