Undergraduate ProgramsPast Honors Theses




Cavender, John
19th Avenue
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Green, Natalie
Lost Angeles
Faculty Advisor: Fred D’Aguiar

Vidal, Jessica
The Migratory Patterns of Marisol
Faculty Advisor: Mona Simpson

Williamson, Amanda
Canticles of Consent: Four Variations of Aarne-Thompson-Uther 425C
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres

Wilson, Camille
The Team
Faculty Advisor: Justin Torres



Amouzadeh, Nahal
Beyond Binaries: Exploring Diaspora and the Native Informant in Iranian-American Memoirs
Faculty Advisor: Ali Behdad

Juarez, Miriam
Affective Bodies: Remapping Language and the Chicana Subject in the Work of Myriam Gurba
Faculty Advisor: Marissa Lopez

Keen, Nina
Redressing God in the Poetry of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Mott

Lee, Rachael
Does Language Matter? The Ontological Turn in Contemporary American Fiction
Faculty Advisor: Mitchum Huehls

Lonsinger, Megan
Farm to Table to Confessional: Literary Gastronomy in Late Medieval England
Faculty Advisor: Matthew Fisher

Martinez, Jocelyn
Queer Resistance in Latin America: Deconstructing Postcolonial Social Norms through Queer Bodies and Erotic Desires in Alfonso Cuaron’s Y Tu Mama Tambien and Maurice Escheverria’s Labios
Faculty Advisor: Marissa Lopez

Murray, Emily
The Politicization of “Dead Silence”: Jane Austen and the Female Influence on Issues of Imperialism
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Kareem

Paek, Jasmine
Reimagining Immigrant Histories: Gender and Generational Conflicts in the Novels of Fae Myenne Ng and Maxine Hong Kingston
Faculty Advisor: Jinqu Ling

Panosian, Angelica
The Sounds of Violence in William Blake’s Literature
Faculty Advisor: Juan Sanchez

Pavell, Evan
The Ludonarrative: Defining the Structural Inseparability of Gameplay and Story in Video Games
Faculty Advisor: Brian Kim Stefans

Roche, Karina Anastasia
John Keats and the Poet as Spiritual Guide for the Modern Age
Faculty Advisor: Michael Cohen

Saedi, Navid
Optics in the Works of Joseph Conrad
Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Grossman

Samai, Jendi
“First-Gen” African: Examining Twenty First-Century Autobiographical Experiences of Sierra Leonean American Women in the United States
Faculty Advisor: Richard Yarborough

Seggman, Samuel
Setting the Land in Order: Descriptive and Prescriptive Allusions in The Waste Land
Faculty Advisor: Michael North

Sousa, Lauren
Joan Didion’s “The White Album” as a Search for a Truth
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Decker

Tamposi, William
Emersonianism Epitomized: Henry David Thoreau as the Quintessential “American Scholar”
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Looby

Tran, Ann
Seinfeld: A Show about Something
Faculty Advisor: Caroline Streeter

Wu, Elissa
Empowering Debasement: Freeing Agency from Neoliberal and Postfeminist Binds in 50 Shades of Grey
Faculty Advisor: Blake Allmendinger